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Handicap International: One year on, the needs are still great: Typhoon Haiyan


One year-on, what are conditions like in areas affected by typhoon Haiyan? Things might appear to be back to normal in the photos, but the needs are still great. The storm caused an estimated US$12.9 billion in damages. 700,000 people are yet to receive sustainable aid. The country’s socio-economic problems are worsening. The country would be extremely vulnerable to another disaster. NGOs and the government hope to sustainably re-launch the economy by 2015. What are Handicap International’s current priorities? “Around 4.13 million peop... Read More »

Groupe Auchan supports the operation in favour of the victims of Rana Plaza


The company's employees, buyers, Group council personnel representatives, and shareholders were all distressed by the tragedy of April 24, 2013 in Dhaka, Bangladesh, where the collapse of a building housing the sewing workshops resulted in the death of 1,135 workers and wounded 1,800 others. A pair of children's trousers of our brand was found there 20 days after the tragedy, although we had never placed any orders with any of those workshops. Since that time the company has done its best to ensure such a disaster can never be repeated: ... Read More »

With storm season upon us, Verizon’s networks, teams are ready


Verizon, which operates highly advanced and reliable wireline and wireless networks, regularly reviews and updates its emergency preparedness plans in anticipation of a variety of natural and man-made events. The company also conducts drills throughout the year to test the readiness of its networks in the event of a disaster. “Effective emergency preparedness and a concerted response are critical in successfully weathering what Mother Nature throws at us,” said Kent Kildow, Verizon’s chief business continuity officer. “Verizon’s all-hazards ... Read More »

FedEx and the Arbor Day Foundation Announce Disaster Recovery Program


Designed to be the national resource for communities to turn to as they seek to restore their trees in the aftermath of natural disaster, the Community Tree Recovery program provides the structure and capacity to address multiple disasters annually, distributing seedling trees to afflicted communities nationwide. During the last few months, the program has already provided trees for towns in New Jersey still reeling from the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy and neighborhoods in Colorado rebuilding from the devastating 2012 wildfires. Through this ... Read More »

IBM technology underpins project to make British Columbia’s the “smartest coast on the planet”


The new “Smart Oceans BC” program will use marine sensors and data analysis to enhance environmental stewardship and public and marine safety along Canada’s West coast. It will monitor vessel traffic, waves, currents and water quality in major shipping arteries and will include a system to predict the impact of off-shore earthquakes, tsunamis, storm surge, and underwater landslides. ONC, which is the University of Victoria’s largest research project, already operates the world’s most advanced cabled ocean observatories off BC’s coast. IBM is... Read More »

Deutsche Post DHL and United Nations Development Programme launch second “Get Airports Ready for Disaster” workshop in the Philippines


Deutsche Post DHL’s GARD program was developed in cooperation with UNDP and aims to prepare airports in disaster-prone areas to handle a disaster-related surge in people and goods. GARD trainers are DHL experts in the field who conduct the training on a pro bono basis and provide relevant materials while UNDP manages the project, leads the coordination with local government authorities, and provides funds to shoulder workshop costs. Blueprint in times of disaster “Through these workshops, Deutsche Post DHL is able to work together with auth... Read More »

Position statement – Benetton Group in Bangladesh: the facts


For this reason, Benetton Group would like to clarify its position with respect to often-raised questions regarding its presence in Bangladesh: Benetton Group has never had any kind of continuous relationship with the suppliers that operated in the Rana Plaza building. New Wave Style, a local supplier, only received occasional orders, amounting to 0.06% of our production. Even though these were only occasional and very small orders, before starting supplies we performed an audit, which revealed no problems related to workers’ condition... Read More »

Handicap International: Haitian amputee James now makes artificial limbs for others


"Why did I lose my leg? Perhaps fate wanted me to give prostheses to other people.” “There were 25 of us in the classroom,” says James Medina, remembering the moment the earth began to shake on January 12, 2010. As the university building collapsed around him, 19 of his classmates died, along with more than 1,000 other young people. “I spent the whole day under the rubble. I was protected by the bodies of five friends. I think about it every day." Rescuers brought James to a hospital, where doctors amputated his leg. Despite these painful... Read More »

Lufthansa raises EUR 240,000 for typhoon victims


Many Lufthansa employees spontaneously demonstrated their solidarity with the victims of the typhoon. An account for donations was set up by Lufthansa’s HelpAlliance straight away and the first aid flights bound for the Philippines took off just a few days after the disaster. As a result, not only were more than 80 tonnes of aid transported to the crisis-hit areas, but fast and unbureaucratic assistance was also given to the people in the Philippines whose lives were devastated by the typhoon. “The Lufthansa employees have shown in the past ... Read More »

Syria crisis: “Doing nothing is not an option”


According to Handicap International’s teams in the field, these developments have made it even more difficult for refugees to survive. Olivia Biernacki has been working in Jordan since the end of 2012 to help improve access to humanitarian aid for the most vulnerable people. Olivia is part of a 250-strong emergency team formed by Handicap International in response to the crisis in Syria. Based in Jordan, her aim is to ensure that the most vulnerable people are able to access the services they need. “My role is to build bridges between the mo... Read More »

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