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Data scientists at Volkswagen work on the predictive analysis of large data volumes

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At the Volkswagen Group, specialists like Gabrielle Compostella are working in this area. At the Group IT Data Lab, he is part of a team using human reasoning to analyze big data with the support of artificial intelligence. Their predictive analysis helps make many procedures and corporate processes even more efficient and sustainable. Gabrielle Compostella is a data scientist at the Volkswagen Group IT Data Lab. Scientists like him analyze and interpret huge volumes of data. At the Data Lab, Volkswagen’s competence center for artificial int... Read More »

BMW Group Digital Day 2018

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Digitalisation is the dominant element in the radical ongoing transformation of personal mobility. It paves the way to a new driving experience, expands the possibilities for enhancing safety and comfort out on the road, and opens up new opportunities for efficient yet customer-focused development and manufacture of vehicles. The BMW Group is systematically forging ahead with digitalisation across all areas. Thanks to its capacity for innovation, not only does it develop cars and motorcycles for the premium segment that stir the emotions, it al... Read More »

Machine learning meets culture

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Art Palette From interior design to fashion, color plays a fundamental role in expression, communicating personality, mood and emotion. Art Palette lets you choose a color palette, and using a combination of computer vision algorithms, it matches artworks from cultural institutions from around the world with your selected hues. See how Van Gogh's Irises share a connection of color with a 16th century Iranian folio and Monet’s water lilies. You can also snap a photo of your outfit today or your home decor and can click through to learn about th... Read More »

Allianz: Demographic change requires modern responses


Immigration, interest rates and digitalization are creating new challenges when it comes to dealing with an ageing population Representatives from politics, business and academia meet in Berlin to discuss "Social and Demographic Change in the 21st Century" Allianz extends an invitation to a dialog on the issues of the future to mark its 125th anniversary "Our societies are undergoing profound change as they get older and digital technology becomes more widespread. This will alter the face of tomorrow's society completely", explained Mich... Read More »

Siemens: Research alliance for energy systems of the future


Future Energy Systems Campus established Framework agreement between Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nuremberg (FAU) and Siemens Focus on development of sustainable, affordable and reliable energy systems Siemens to invest eight-figure euro amount over three years Siemens and Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nuremberg (FAU) will cooperate in the future to conduct research in sustainable, affordable and reliable energy systems. The alliance aims to develop innovative systems that will remain competitive in the constantl... Read More »

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