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DCNS at LAAD exhibition, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil from 14 to 17 April 2015, Booth U.20 – Hall 2


DCNS signed in 2009 a contract for the Brazilian PROSUB programme. This major contract for DCNS at international level relates to the construction of four Scorpene®-class submarines for the Brazilian Navy and technical assistance with the design of the non-nuclear parts of the first Brazilian nuclear-powered submarine. It includes engineering services for conceptual design provided to the client for the construction of a naval base and new shipyard. To complete this ambitious submarine programme, DCNS joined forces with Odebrecht to form Itagua... Read More »

DCNS selected, through a multinational consortium, to contribute to the NATO Ballistic Missile Defence


NATO’s goal is to integrate existing and future national weapon systems, sensors, command and control systems with the NATO Battle Management Command Control Communications and Intelligence system to provide an active defence for the protection of the alliance territory and populations, as well as deployed military forces and critical assets, against a large spectrum of ballistic missiles threats. The multinational team will assist in this effort by defining, specifying and testing and verifying the proposed NATO Ballistic Missile Defence archi... Read More »

DCNS at IDEX/NAVDEX exhibitions, Abu Dhabi 22-26 February 2015


DCNS’s product portfolio includes naval systems for surface combatants, submarines, services, underwater weapons, simulators for initial and ongoing crew training, and innovative solutions in marine renewable energy (MRE). Technologically complex programs are DCNS’s core area of expertise. The keys to managing complexity begin with a talented workforce and training in the relevant technologies, combined with team-building skills to bring together DCNS centres, customers and industrial partners. For over ten years now, DCNS has been managing its... Read More »

New success in Egypt for DCNS


Hervé Guillou, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of DCNS, declared: “I would like to thank the Egyptian authorities for the trust they have once again placed in us, for the participation in the modernization of their defence system. DCNS will be keen to demonstrate that this trust is justified. The Group will do its utmost to ensure that this program is completed successfully.” The frigate, the current Normandie, will be delivered mid-2015 after some outfitting work, and the first phase of the training programme. The logistics and support... Read More »

DCNS tests new anti-terrorism and anti-piracy tools


On 10 December 2014, the DCNS teams experimented with the demonstrator of a new maritime anti-terrorism and anti-piracy combat system. The French Navy provided both technical and operational support for this full-scale test during which maritime terrorist or piracy attacks were simulated. The DCNS combat system allowed the rapid deployment of an effective defense in littoral waters, where most anti-piracy missions take place. Comprising a network of ultra-high-definition, 360-degree cameras, the tool developed by DCNS ensures surveillance ov... Read More »

DCNS and Enel Green Power to develop groundbreaking marine energy R&D facility in Chile


The 8-year project, supported by an approximate 20 million US dollars in cash and inkind funding, 65% of which coming from CORFO, is aimed at carrying out research and development activities on Marine Renewable Energy (MER) technologies taking into account the specific natural conditions of Pacific Ocean in Chile. The project will benefit from the support of the Chilean development organization Fundación Chile, the R&D foundation INRIA Chile, research institutions Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and Universidad Austral de Chile,... Read More »

Alstom and DCNS get together to found a sector of excellence in the floating wind energy business


The groups will combine their respective skills as naval architect and turbine manufacturer to develop a competitive, powerful solution for a large potential market. The objective is to be in a position to produce an initial 6MW wind turbine by 2017, featuring a semi-submersible floating system developed by DCNS plus Alstom’s Haliade 150 offshore wind turbine, already being used in fixed-bottom offshore wind turbine technology. Named “SEA REED”, this project has received support from the ADEME, through a Technological Bricks CEI implemented ... Read More »

DCNS delivers multimission frigate Mohammed VI


DCNS has handed over the multimission frigate Mohammed VI to the Royal Moroccan Navy on time, on budget and with performance as promised. This is the second vessel of this type designed and built by DCNS in a production run of 12 ships for the French and Moroccan Navies. The Mohammed VI benefits from the same technological and production innovations as the FREMM frigates for the French Navy. The Royal Moroccan Navy will acquire the ship’s weapon systems and munitions directly from its own selected suppliers. Thanks to their versatility and m... Read More »

UAV integration with naval combat systems: DCNS opens a new chapter in naval aviation


Launching and recovering a UAV from a warship presents many complex challenges. The successful physical and functional integration of a tactical VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) UAV on board a surface combatant by DCNS, with no impact on flight safety, represents a major breakthrough for naval air forces. Following sea trials on board the L’Adroit Gowind-class Offshore Patrol Vessel, the DGA, the French Navy and DCNS validated all functional blocks between DCNS’s Polaris® combat system and the Camcopter® S100 VTOL UAV developed by Schiebel ... Read More »

Fortum, DCNS, AW-Energy and Bretagne Region cooperate on wave power demonstration project in France


Fortum will be responsible for the project development and will be the owner of the demonstration park. DCNS will manage the site development and construction work. The WaveRoller™ technology chosen for this project was developed by AW-Energy and is extensively patented. At the cutting edge of wave power, the WaveRoller™offers huge perspectives on an international scale. La Région Bretagne believes that this project is important for the local economy and industrial development. All parties involved see significant opportunities for long-term gr... Read More »

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