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Proactively addressing people’s cybersecurity concerns


And yet, behind these stark numbers is a very human story. A story about the abuse of people’s most intimate and private information. About infringement of their fundamental rights. And ultimately, these breaches have a deeper, hidden cost – a loss of trust. An erosion of public confidence in the healthcare community’s ability to keep people’s sensitive data secure. And that precisely at a time when connected healthcare – supported by connected devices, health apps and platforms – offers unprecedented scope to increase access to care and improv... Read More »

Apple Mac security issue may reoccur


The bug meant anyone with physical access to a Mac running High Sierra could get admin access to the machine. Wired magazine has found that the bug returns if Mac owners upgrade to the latest version of High Sierra after applying the patch. Apple issued an apology for the appearance of the bug saying its users "deserved better". Proper patch The bug let anyone obtain high-level access to a Mac simply by typing the username "root" and leaving the password field blank. The problem was present on Mac computers running version 10.13. and 10.1... Read More »

Google faces mass legal action in UK over data snooping


It focuses on allegations that Google unlawfully harvested information from 5.4 million UK users by bypassing privacy settings on their iPhones. The group taking action - Google You Owe Us - is led by ex-Which director Richard Lloyd. He estimates the users could get as much as "several hundred pounds each". The case centres on how Google used cookies - small pieces of computer text that are used to collect information from devices in order to deliver targeted ads. The complaint is that for several months in 2011 and 2012 Google placed ad-track... Read More »

Is Apple getting sloppy?


It has been revealed that users of its new MacOS High Sierra operating system can access it without using a password. Just use "root" as a username, leave the password field blank and hit "Enter" a few times. It's an embarrassing slip-up and not one users are used to from Apple, whose products are often cited as more reliable and secure than its rivals'. But the "root" password bug is not as isolated a case as it might at first seem. Last month, Apple had to release a patch for another password-related issue in High Sierra. Some ... Read More »

Are smart homes cyber-security smart?


For the compilation of this report, an informal expert group was created to collect input at various stages of the project. In addition, the study takes into account existing assessments and publicly available information sources and provides a thematic Threat Landscape in the area of Smart Homes. Within the scope of the study, threat agents have been identified revealing several sources of vulnerability. Cyber criminals are identified as the largest and most hostile threat category, while the potential abuse of smart homes should be conside... Read More »

BT information Security Journalism Awards 2014 winners announced

BBC correspondent Gordon Corera was named Information Security Journalist of the Year, his first win in this category. Gordon proved his credentials with a number of in-depth and probing features on critical topics including encryption, Edward Snowden and the spying state, cyber-attacks and data protection. Tom Fox-Brewster, freelance journalist, received the accolade of Best Information Security News Story of the Year. This was for his story written for The Guardian entitled: “US Cybercrime Laws Being Used to Target Security Researchers”. A... Read More »

Bull boosts its cyber-security offering and extends its single sign-on (SSO) solutions to tablets and phones


Single Sign-On (SSO) is a cyber-security solution that allows a user to access multiple applications or secure Web sites all via a single authentication process. The new 'Enterprise SSO for Mobiles' module means users no longer have to input passwords for their iOS and Android devices. With 'Enterprise SSO for Mobiles' all mobile terminals become access points controlled by the organization and, as far as the user is concerned, are transformed into strong authentication devices. The user shares a genuine personal secure electronic strong-box... Read More »

Deloitte Luxembourg and EBRC look into the cyber security journey


Attracting close to 50 security and IT professionals, risk managers, internal auditors, among others, the conference aimed to provide the latest updates on the cyber threat landscape and focus on the typical approaches, standards, regulations and capabilities to protect organisations from cyber threats. The digital revolution is driving business innovation and growth, yet also exposing all organisations to new and emerging threats. Indeed, organisations must face a myriad of threat agents, whose determination and attacking resources may grea... Read More »

GE to acquire Wurldtech to advance cyber security efforts for critical infrastructure and operations technology


Traditional information technology (IT) approaches for securing systems and data are challenging when applied to the operations technology (OT) world. Wurldtech solutions offer a strategic approach to cyber security that help to better protect the OT that connects people, data and machines - maximizing system uptime and mitigating exposure to vulnerabilities. This acquisition will help to enhance the reliability of Industrial Internet operations. Wurldtech Technology & Professional Services Wurldtech's technology and professional serv... Read More »

Atos marks National Apprenticeship week with opportunities for more than 80 apprentices and launch of 2014 Apprenticeship Programme


The Atos Apprenticeship Scheme was first introduced in 2010, in response to a large ICT talent gap amongst young people. Atos’ programme allows apprentices to build a career in IT using formal training and development programmes and a number of recognised qualifications, offering an alternative option to the more traditional University route. After initially offering 7 places in its first year, the programme has now trained more than 130 apprentices, most of whom have gone to secure permanent roles with the company. This year, Atos hopes to ... Read More »

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