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Tag: Customs Broker Mexico

Customs Brokerage Service In Mexico


If you are looking for customs brokerage services for your Mexico based business, consider Santos International. The company has been a leading provider of reliable and personalized customs brokerage services for more than 5 decades. Serving approximately 75 companies and clearing more than $300 million worth of merchandize annually, you can count on them to streamline your import/export business activities. Being a member of United Shipping, Inc., the company has broad networks across the world to provide personalized services to the clients. ... Read More »

Customs Broker in Mexico


Considering the increasing globalization and ever-changing trade policies, there can never be a better time to work with a certified customs broker. He can facilitate the import and export of your business merchandize to a great extent, while dealing with all the complex procedures involved in the process. Santos International is a renowned firm providing complete customs brokerage solutions to the business owners in Mexico. The company has been providing exceptional customs brokerage services in the city for more than 50 years. Owing to their... Read More »

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