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Lloyds Banking Group launches Apple Pay to Lloyds Bank, Halifax and Bank of Scotland customers


As Britain’s largest current account provider with three iconic brands on the high street reaching millions of customers, the launch today indicates another milestone in the adoption of new payment technologies. Recent research from Lloyds indicates that many people believe they won’t need cash in the near future as they increasingly turn to cards, contactless payments and other new technologies. In fact almost half (43%) of people see contactless payments as the payment method of the future, whilst one in three (34%) expect to be using a mo... Read More »

TNT invites customers to keep scoring with new campaign


A highlight of the campaign is an online football game, allowing customers to shoot penalties on a virtual football table. Companies will be able to compete with one another in Europe and beyond later this autumn. The best scorers may be able to win prizes, such as tickets to European top matches, as well as football tables. The online game can be played at Some customers may also be able to save 20% on shipments imported from or exported to Belgium, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, the Netherlands, Spain, Swede... Read More »

Lloyds Banking Group’s new eligibility checkers set to remove key barrier to switching


People who are thinking about switching their bank account can now determine their eligibility for a range of current accounts and overdrafts in less than two minutes across Lloyds Bank, Halifax and Bank of Scotland¹, without leaving a permanent footprint on their credit file. The new online eligibility tool is the first of its kind to be offered by a UK bank and is mobile optimised² to enable people to check their eligibility for accounts anywhere and at any time. By entering some personal details, including financial commitments, into a... Read More »

Essilor is Gold Sponsor of the 1st World Congress of Optometry


More than 1700 Eye Care Professionals from over 60 countries will gather in Medellin (Colombia) on August 14-16, for the World Congress of Optometry. This congress is the first in a series of global events to encompass all aspects of optometry in order to share research knowledge, explore clinical practice, education development and technological innovations and define an agenda for the future of accessible vision health care. Lectures and seminars will be presented by leading experts from across the globe, amongst which Prof. Brien Holden, Pro... Read More »

Lufthansa First Class now offers exclusive travelling experience on the highway too


And this is how it works: The Lufthansa First Class Personal Assistant accepts reservations in the First Class Lounge and arranges the car rental. Passengers can book their sports car online before the flight, or make a spontaneous on-the-spot decision as long as the chosen offer is available. Back at the airport, your First Class flight starts as usual. A limousine takes passengers straight to the apron position beside the aircraft. Once on board, the passengers enjoy First Class menus by famous star chefs and a selection of premier wines. ... Read More »

Auchan, the most recommended banner by its customers on Internet


Word-of-mouth has become an essential source of competitive advantage. Indeed, there is a clear correlation between word-of-mouth and the growth of the company's revenue. Today it takes place both in real life (family, friends...) and on the internet (forums, social networks...), where it is easier to measure. In May, the Boston Consulting Group, in partnership with Semiocast, issued its first barometer of online recommendation. SRI (Social Recommendation Index) reflects the netsurfers' propensity to recommend a particular brand over i... Read More »

ArcelorMittal steel in the largest oil discovery of recent years


The Kashagan offshore oilfield in Kazakhstan faces extreme weather conditions, including sea ice and temperatures ranging from -35°C to 40°C, and is believed to have recoverable reserves of around 13 billion barrels of crude oil. Discovered in the 1990s, the Kashagan oilfield is located deep below Kazakhstan’s territorial waters in the Caspian Sea. Extracting the oil requires several tens of kilometres of tubes made of highly specialised, high-tech steels, which few steel producers in the world are able to produce. ArcelorMittal was selec... Read More »

Barclays launches rewards Programme – *Barclays Blue Rewards*


Barclays Blue Rewards offers the best monthly rewards for more average UK-salary workers than any other provider [1] Customers can earn up to £180 a year with fixed cash rewards paid in to their digital Rewards Wallet Programme open to customers who deposit at least £800 per month into their current account with two direct debits and pay a monthly fee of £3 For a fee of £3 per month, customers who sign up to the programme will receive fixed cash rewards, regardless of how big their credit balance or monthly income is. Customers can ea... Read More »

The first “gourmet” supermarket open 24 hours a day in Milan


This new store is a key development for this new supermarket format. Customers can shop for gourmet goods 24 hours a day over a sales area of more than 1000 m², where haute cuisine and sophistication go hand-in-hand. A local supermarket for shopping at affordable prices and enjoying a range of competitive special offers. Connoisseurs will be able to shop for early seasonal fruit and vegetables, local products, fish, traditional Italian specialities, hot bakery goods and more than 400 items from the cooked meats and cheese department 365 days... Read More »

H&M named as a 2015 world’s most ethical company


“Earning this recognition involves the collective action of a global workforce from the top down. We congratulate everyone at H&M for this extraordinary achievement.” Timothy Erblich, Ethisphere’s Chief Executive Officer The World’s Most Ethical Companies designation recognises those companies that have had a material impact on the way business is conducted by fostering a culture of ethics and transparency at every level of the company. Being a five time honouree emphasises H&M’s commitment to leading ethical standards and practi... Read More »

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