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A new way to refuel: Starbucks introduces plant-based Protein Blended Cold Brew


The latest in Starbucks cold beverage line-up, Protein Blended Cold Brew is made with slow-steeped Starbucks Cold Brew, alternative milk and plant-based proteins for a delicious, non-dairy beverage that’s a good source of protein and keeps you going throughout the day. A Grande (16 fluid ounce) beverage is 270 calories or less and $5.95. This beverage is inspired by our customers’ love for Starbucks Cold Brew and a growing interest in plant-based proteins. Starbucks Cold Brew continues to be a favorite since joining the cold coffee menu in 2015... Read More »

Selfieccino debutes in London cafe


This flight attendant discovered the cafe on the internet in Singapore before even travelling to London. Flight attendant, Safirah Safari said, "I actually heard it through Facebook back at home in Singapore when I was browsing through the Facebook and I saw one of the faces that actually shot the video of this and I actually texted my friend because we were going to London the next week so I told her let's come to this and just check it out. This is really interesting I've never seen any cafe that has a selfieccino, so it is really amazing"... Read More »

Wake Up and Smell the Traffic? London Tries Coffee to Power Buses


While the worst smogs, or “pea soupers,” have long dispersed, London still chokes on heavy pollution. Seeking to curb toxic diesel fumes, transport officials and companies are hunting for new sources of energy for the buses. The latest idea? Coffee grounds. On Monday, in a much-hyped debut, a company called Bio-bean, in partnership with the oil giant Royal Dutch Shell, introduced relatively small amounts of oil produced from coffee grounds into the mix of diesel and biofuels mandated by the city authorities. The first batch of 6,000 liters, ... Read More »

Starbucks Celebrates Coffee in New York City


Starbucks has more than 250 stores in New York City including beloved favorites such as the company’s express format on Wall Street, in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and most recently, a location on the New York University campus. This new store, located at 10 Waverly Place, features small-lot Reserve coffees and is a reflection of Starbucks Reserve Roastery and Tasting Room located in Seattle. Howard Schultz, Starbucks chairman and ceo, provided the foreword for this year’s 208-page New York Coffee Guide, which celebrates the unique coffee experi... Read More »

5 Ways to Make Starbucks Coffee Outdoors


Starbucks barista Daniel Castro shares a few tips for brewing coffee outside. Castro likes to brew his coffee on the tailgate of his car at the trailhead, and then take it in his pack on the trail. He demonstrates his technique for the Starbucks coffee blog, 1912 Pike. Coffee Press Brewing with a coffee press retains the precious natural oils and extracts the coffee’s full flavor with a thick and rich consistency. To make a pot of coffee in a coffee press, use coarse ground coffee that resembles sea salt. Fill the press with hot water that... Read More »

Great Gift Ideas from Teavana and Starbucks for Mother’s Day


See Elegance in Bloom Teavana Flowering Pineapple White Tea and Peach Momotaro™ Artisan Blooming Tea is an elegant gift, with a crown of regal marigold flowers inside a hand-tied white tea ball that unfurls with flavor. Watch a time-lapse video of a flowering Teavana tea bloom as it steeps. Teavana Bloom and Petal Collection This beautifully designed gift set has everything Mom needs for an enjoyable tea moment. Gift set features a ceramic infuser mug, two storage tins, and two 2-ounce teas: Citrus Lavender Sage and Jasmine Dragon Phoeni... Read More »

South Sudanese coffee farmer Isaya rebuilds his life, one brick at a time


In a village with the musical name of “KweKwete”, Isaya Lokolong Latiyo was born and raised. Close by to the newly established cooperative wet mill of Arikose, implemented thanks to Nespresso and TechnoServe, Isaya tends to the coffee farm he inherited from his father. Of Isaya’s six children, one works as a police officer, one serves as a customs officer at the border and three attend school. The family income has come entirely from farming, especially coffee, which earned the cash to educate Isaya’s children. Isaya also farms other crops incl... Read More »

Three Starbucks stores that inspire one of the ‘most creative people in business’


The eclectic list includes Jennifer Lee, the screenwriter and co-director of Disney's "Frozen" - the highest grossing animated film of all time - and comedian Jerry Seinfeld, who revved up his career with the web series “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.” “It feels good to make the list,” Perez says with a half a laugh and a smile as he diverts attention away from himself. “The recognition is really about the brand and what Starbucks has enabled our concepts team to work on.” Perez and his team members are acknowledged for “constantly rethinkin... Read More »

‘The Sky’s the Limit’ for Military Veterans and Reservists Working at Starbucks


“Regardless of the struggles Starbucks faced as a company, Howard never strayed from his core values,” Saatchi said of the Howard Schultz book Onward: How Starbucks Fought for Its Life without Losing Its Soul. “To many of us in the military, Starbucks is our home away from home. Whether I walk into a Starbucks at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, or a Starbucks at Incirlik Air Base Turkey, I'm home.” Two years later, Saatchi is a Starbucks partner (employee) and recruiter for the company’s military and veteran outreach program. Last November, Sta... Read More »

Starbucks Launches Seattle’s Best Coffee with Three of the UK’s Favourite Retailers


Seattle’s Best Coffee®, part of Starbucks Coffee Company, is now available in  select  partner  cafés  in  the  UK,  with  future  plans  to  grow  to  more  than  100  nationwide  by  the  end  of 2014. Seattle’s Best Coffee® trials are currently taking place in partnership with Asda, KFC and Kiddicare, offering customers delicious, café quality drinks including a choice of 100% Latin American Arabica Lattes, Americanos,  Mochas,  Cappuccinos, Espresso, Hot Chocolate,  Filtered  Coffee  and  a  selection  of  Iced Coffees. Starbucks EMEA... Read More »

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