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Coffee farming adapts in the face of climate change


“We love to grow coffee,” said Monge, 37, a small-holder farmer who delivers his coffee to Coopetarrazu, a local co-op that sells to Starbucks. “All that we have here — our car, our house, our education — everything comes from the coffee.” Which is why Monge is so concerned about how climate change is impacting his crop. In the last five years, Monge said the average temperature has increased and the rainy season is no longer as reliable. In 2017, for example, his farm received more than double the average amount of rainfall.  The year before,... Read More »

3 reasons this small country’s court decision will have a big impact on global climate action


On 2 November, 2017, the High Court of New Zealand issued a game-changing ruling. It found that climate change presents significant risks and government actions on climate change are subject to judicial scrutiny. The court also found that the former Minister for Climate Change acted unlawfully by failing to review the country’s climate change targets after the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) published an updated report on climate science. The court didn’t issue an order against the recently elected government be... Read More »



L’Oréal has been given an “A” ranking, the highest level of performance on the Climate Disclosure Leadership Index (CDLI), for its management of its carbon footprint, its climate change strategy and the transparency of its policies. “We are very proud of this renewed recognition that encourages us to go further and to accelerate L’Oréal’s transition to a low carbon business”, said Jean-Paul Agon, Chairman and CEO of L’Oréal. L’Oréal has committed to reduce by 60% the CO2 emissions from its production by 2020, calculated in absolute terms ... Read More »

Why Pacific Islanders will lead the fight against climate change


The truth is, sometimes I fear that we Pacific Islanders are the closest thing to those canaries. True, we are not choking on poisonous gases, but we are cornered and caged by incremental sea level rise, high tides that reach farther inland than ever before and saltwater intrusion. We do not drop dead like the canaries, but we brace ourselves for hurricanes that have become more frequent and stronger. But this is not the story I tell my daughters. Instead, I remind them of who we are, where we come from and what we are made of. I tell the... Read More »

BP: Oil and gas CEOs jointly declare action on climate change


CEOs of 10 global oil and gas companies make collaborative declaration on climate change: Call for an effective climate change agreement at COP21. Strengthen actions and investments to contribute to reducing the GHG intensity of the global energy mix. Support the implementation of clear stable policy frameworks consistent with a 2°C future; these will help our companies to take informed decisions and make effective and sustainable contributions to addressing climate change. Collaborate in a number of areas such as efficiency, natural ga... Read More »

Carrefour joins forces with the Nicolas Hulot Foundation to fight climate change


Carrefour is actively contributing to the fight against climate change by implementing a number of initiatives designed to tackle waste (energy, transport, food and packaging) and to protect biodiversity (agro-ecology, sustainable fishing, beekeeping and protecting the forests). Carrefour is also working alongside a number of SMEs on developing the technologies of the future. Through its My Positive Impact campaign, Carrefour is doing its bit to unveil the solutions of the future and to fight climate change The way Carrefour – France's le... Read More »

Mott MacDonald: Global Calculator forecasting model adds new dimension to climate change debate


The video of the London launch explains how data and analysis from more than 150 international experts has been drawn into the modeller, comprising data on land, energy, food and climate systems, to allow users to explore the effects that modifying global production and consumption will have on climate change targets. Global Calculator is designed to be a debating platform, where organisations can test their views about how we should be tackling climate change in a common environment. A number of ‘pathways’ show how we could meet internat... Read More »

EIF: Smart City Technology Investment in Asia Pacific to total $63.4 billion from 2014 through 2023


Facing such challenges, cities across the region are starting to implement emerging intelligent systems. According to a recent report called “Smart Cities: Asia Pacific” from market research and consulting firm Navigant Research, governments in the region - working with a mix of international and regional companies - are piloting a variety of technologies to solve urban problems and prepare for future growth. Leading cities and providers are taking the initial steps in integrating networks of intelligent technologies to create true smart cities... Read More »

Total commits to three major international initiatives to combat climate change


Total supports the United Nations Global Compact’s call for companies to factor an internal carbon price into their investment decisions. Since 2008, Total has factored a long-term carbon price of €25 per ton into its investment decisions and backed the gradual introduction of policies that incorporate climate considerations into markets without distorting competition. Total has pledged to join the World Bank's planned Zero Routine Flaring by 2030 Initiative. A member of the World Bank’s Global Gas Flaring Reduction Partnership since ... Read More »

H&M is a world leader for corporate action on climate change


According to CDP, H&M earns its position thanks to a superior approach to climate change mitigation. The CDP Climate Performance Leadership Index is a global ranking of corporate efforts to mitigate climate change. Nearly 2,000 listed companies have been ranked according to its scoring methodology. – Global greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise and we face steep financial risk if we do not mitigate them. For this reason we congratulate those businesses that have achieved a position on The A List. These companies are responding to mar... Read More »

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