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A Young Average Joe Takes Positive Steps Toward Fitness and Health in Joe Some-More, a Children’s Book About Healthy Eating and Exercising


Two medical professionals, Dr. Gleeson Rebello and Jamie Harisiades, teamed up to create a motivational tale told with science, sensitivity and humor that aims to teach the dangers of over indulging in dietary sugar and preventing obesity in kids of all ages. Boston, Mass. - If losing weight were easy, everyone would be doing it. Joe Some-More is having trouble. He is not able to play on the playground or make the soccer team. His eating habits, even at his young age, need some changing. Oftentimes, people just need some help and positive... Read More »

‘No Child Sleeps Outside’ Campaign Raises $4.5 Million with Support from Starbucks


Businesses and individuals across King County came together in an unprecedented way this past holiday season to support the annual No Child Sleeps Outside campaign to address the crisis of hundreds of families and children sleeping outside in King County, many of whom are waiting months on average for basic emergency shelter. With contributions from more than 50 local businesses, organizations, foundations, and thousands of people who gave online and in over 200 local Starbucks® stores, Mary’s Place – the region’s largest family emergency shelt... Read More »

In Brayden’s Magical Forest, Author Anita A. Caruso Takes Readers on a Journey Deep into Their Imaginations


Brayden's Magical Forest, the third book in the series from author Anita A. Caruso, takes Brayden and his friends deep into a wondrous forest filled with spectacular creatures. Cape Cod, Mass. - It's always an adventure for Brayden, a little boy who is transported into wonderful worlds when he puts on his magical green sunglasses. Cape Cod author Anita A. Caruso asks readers to take the journey with him as they see things through his eyes. When Brayden puts on his sunglasses, he is instantly transported to another world. This time, he ven... Read More »



"Early childhood presents a window of opportunity that define a child’s future. By using UNI_FORM as a symbol, we want to raise awareness around the fact that children who are stimulated in their early years learn more effectively at school, and as adults they can have a higher earning power and be of better health than children that don’t have these early opportunities,” said Diana Amini, Global Manager at  H&M Foundation. “Children who experience love, proper nutrition and protection in a stimulating environment during early childhood ... Read More »

Childobesity180, New Balance foundation, and 100 Mile Club collaborate on initiative to increase quality physical activity for children


At the core of the collaboration is a nationwide campaign, the New Balance Foundation Billion Mile Race, which will boost physical activity in elementary schools and help lay the foundation for a lifetime of active movement. The New Balance Foundation Billion Mile Race invites America’s students to collectively reach 1 billion miles through participation in school-based walking, jogging, and running clubs. “We are tremendously grateful for the generous support from the New Balance Foundation, and very excited about this collaboration and nat... Read More »

Huffman Koos Makes Season Bright for Paterson Children


uffman Koos contributed over 100 toys including six bicycles thanks to toy drives associates held during the holiday season. Several hundred additional toys were also donated by other very generous companies and individuals, making this the most successful drive to date. Huffman Koos CEO and VP of Community Outreach Services, Inc., Anthony Mehran, attended the festivities as he has done for the last 8 years. "I can't think of a better way to start Christmas Day than with the needy children of our community. Their utter joy and smiles are tru... Read More »

Author Neta Faynboym offers Whimsical Bedtime Story to give children sweet dreams


For some parents of toddlers, getting their child to go to sleep can be hard enough, not to mention the challenge of getting them to sleep in their own bed. Author, parent, and physician Neta Faynboym understands what children go through when it is bedtime all too well. Her new book, Big Boys Sleep in Their Beds, take a humorous look at how a mother and son deal with the fears that can be present in some children when their day ends. The book chronicles the sleep ritual she went through with her son when he was at the 0h-so-difficult time of hi... Read More »

Halifax: Digital dilemma: Kids spend money on downloads against parents’ wishes


Half of parents say they do not allow their children to spend money on digital downloads 84% of kids admit to downloading games, apps, TV shows, music and films Three out of four children aged 8-15 have a mobile phone, 86% of which are smart phones Half (50%) of parents say they do not allow their children to spend money on digital downloads, despite 84% of kids admitting to doing so, according to the latest research from Halifax. For those parents who do allow children to download games, films, TV programmes or apps, almost two thirds... Read More »

Handicap International: Kobani: children as young as three already able to recognise shells and bombs


Life amid the ruins Before Maelle arrived in Kobani, her colleague warned her: “You’ll see, it’s as if the city has been hit by five earthquakes in a row.” But after nearly four months, Maelle has grown used to her surroundings: “It’s only when I returned to the city with someone who was visiting for the first time that the scale of the devastation really hit me again. When I saw the terror in his eyes, it reminded me of how I felt when I arrived.” But life amid the ruins is changing fast, and things are better organised than before. “Peo... Read More »

Aviva: Renters more financially vulnerable due to lack of savings and protection products


Yet 1.5 million UK renters have dependent children A quarter of renting families do not have any savings, and 80% do not have life insurance However, 1.5 million renters have dependent children – a 19% annual rise Renting families are less happy with their homes, but 30% cannot afford a house deposit This compares to just 11% of homeowning families with a mortgage that have no savings or investments and 5% of those who own their home outright. Only 17% of mortgaged families do not have a savings account, falling to 16% of those who o... Read More »

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