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How to be sustainable in the far north


Akureyri is the largest city outside the Reykjavík Capital area. To ensure that its stunning scenery is protected, the municipality has introduced a range of sustainable initiatives. “We had an expensive transport solution that hardly anyone used. Once it became free of charge, things really changed,” says Guðmundur Haukur Sigurðarson at Vistorka. He has worked with sustainability in Akureyri from the early stages. Now, some 500,000 people travel on the buses each year. Iceland itself is a global leader in renewable energy with geother... Read More »

Setra TopClass 500 crowns anniversary of the Di Fonzo company in Italy


First Setra TopClass 500 touring coach for the Mediterranean country Rather than the company's customary black paintwork, the new flagship will be touring throughout Europe in a brilliant yellow finish. For vice-president Alfons Di Fonzo, the new Setra is the pride and joy of this company, which was established in 1934, originally as a postal delivery undertaking: "The S 517 HDH is the most beautiful vehicle currently available on the European market. With its exclusive comfort appointments and its high safety standards, it is the perfect coac... Read More »

Steadily growing public local transport calls for efficient bus systems: Stress test for urban buses


Five manufacturers subjected their urban buses to the week-long comparison test. The vehicle which emerged as the overall winner was the Mercedes-Benz Citaro. It succeeded in securing first place in each of the areas of bodywork, suspension/handling/driving safety and also passenger comfort, and overall achieved a score of 85 percent of the possible total number of marks. With fuel consumption figures of 32.73 l/100 km in urban use and 30.72 l/100 km in rural use, it boasts the best fuel consumption. Its fuel consumption advantage of almost 2 l... Read More »

Block Busreisen takes delivery of first Topclass 500 in Germany


It is in fact possible to see heavenly bodies when travelling in the new S 516 HDH. This is because the three-axle vehicle is fitted with the large Setra TopSky Panorama glass roof which, with just one percent light transmission, represents a world first in the European bus and coach production sector. According to Alfred Block: "This optional extra was an absolute must-have item for us." In the S 516 HDH, passengers can stretch out on one of 48 leather seats. With seat spacing of 83 cm, the 4-star touring coach boasts plenty of space for pa... Read More »

Bus operator Tieber takes delivery of first TopClass 500 in Austria


Based on the motto "Mit Stil ans Ziel" ("Travelling in Style"), the Styrian travel company now plans to deploy the three-axle vehicle on exclusive tours throughout Europe. Shortly after the official handover of the keys in front of more than 50 invited travel industry guests at the Setra Customer Center in Neu-Ulm, the vehicle took to the road to make its maiden voyage to Strasbourg and Colmar. The 4-star luxury coach boasts 50 ergonomic "Setra Voyage Plus" passenger seats featuring lengthened seat cushions, heated window strips, 8-channel h... Read More »

Polish customer Sindbad extends its fleet with Setra touringcoaches


Confidence in the Setra brand undimmed even after 20 years Till Oberwörder, Head of Marketing, Sales & After-Sales at Daimler Buses expressed pride in the long-standing partnership: "The handover of these five new vehicles is emblematic of the exceptionally harmonious working relationship between our companies, which has been deepened still further by this renewed expression of confidence in our products. We are delighted that we and our coaches are able, and permitted, to play a major part in the continuing success of Sindbad." Managin... Read More »

Citaro Euro vi: Mercedes-Benz Citaro in use on Germany’s steepest bus route


A few statistics indicate the challenges awaiting the new Citaro buses: The high mountain road is on average just 3.5 m wide and has an elevation change of 770 m from its lowest to highest points. Vehicles go through five tunnels (total length 273 m). The route is seasonal with operation typically commencing in mid to late May and ceasing in late October. Extreme weather conditions need to be anticipated at all times, as well as bad roads. At peak times, up to 14 buses are in simultaneous use. There is only one passing place on the entire route... Read More »

Mercedes-Benz Buses completes its range of chassis in Euro VI


New engines: clean, economical, durable and powerful The mainstay of the new chassis generation is the newly developed powertrain for the Euro VI emission standard. Its centrepiece is a completely new generation of engines bearing the name BlueEfficiency Power. These engines meet the Euro VI emissions standard across the entire power range. All the engines use the high-pressure injection system based on the common-rail principle for mixture formation. The complex exhaust gas aftertreatment system employs exhaust gas recirculation, an oxidis... Read More »

Double bus celebration at Mercedes-Benz – Bestselling buses bearing the star achieve new record figures: 40,000th Mercedes-Benz Citaro, 20,000th Mercedes-Benz minibus


Citaro: The undisputed No. 1 among urban buses operates in 40 countries The Mercedes-Benz Citaro is an international bestseller: with sales of 3027 units and a market share of 16.4 percent, it was once again the No. 1 among urban regular service buses in Europe. In Germany the Citaro likewise reaffirmed its leadership with a market share of 37 percent. The Citaro is in operation in almost all major European cities, from London to Bucarest and from Madrid to Helsinki. It carries passengers in Mexico, Japan, Singapore and Abu Dhabi, and even on... Read More »

Scania to deliver Bus Rapid Transit system to Ghana


Accra, the capital and largest city in Ghana, is facing a severe traffic situation that needs to be addressed by the use of high capacity buses. The BRT solution provides an answer to the problem at a reasonable cost compared to other alternatives. The use of BRT solutions is rapidly spreading over the whole African continent, with many cities facing the same challenges as Accra. "The delivery to Accra marks a major step in increasing Scania's presence in West Africa and will also serve as an important reference project for other cities in t... Read More »

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