Thursday, July 16, 2020
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Audi Environmental Foundation supports drone flights to measure and conserve mixed orchards

Audi_Drohnen_Streuobstwiese (1)

The drones are controlled by geographers of Heidelberg University of Education. They then evaluate the images scientifically using innovative geo-technology in order to develop recommendations for the care of the orchards. This ensures the long-term diversity of the fruit population of the Baden-Württemberg district and protects the habitat of native animals. The Audi Environmental Foundation today gave the starting signal for the innovative project, together with project partners from the Geography Department of the Heidelberg University of... Read More »

Audi Environmental Foundation turns plastic waste into recreation areas

Audi_Plastik_Naherholungsgebiete (1)

To create the park, the project partner filtered plastic waste out of the New Meuse River with the aid of specially designed collecting basins. The waste was then sorted and made into floating plastic islands. The landscaped islands now serve as recreation areas for port visitors and residents. Pollution of the oceans with plastic waste is a global problem. The Audi Environmental Foundation aims to help solve this problem together with the Recycled Island Foundation. Collecting basins in rivers and ports are to prevent plastic waste from get... Read More »

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