Friday, May 25, 2018
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A Brand New Day at Project FIND


Project FIND is pleased to announce the launch of its new logo and web site redesign, the rebrand is the first for the organization since the year 2000. In consultation with Alembic Community Development, Project FIND completed a strategic plan last summer, which in conjunction with a robust strengthening of internal systems and board governance had a strong focus on developing a new logo and brand approach for the organization, as it approaches its 50th Anniversary in 2019. From its start Project FIND has pioneered an innovative model of... Read More »

BP Target Neutral is celebrating 10 years of working with customers to reduce carbon emissions


Over the past 10 years BP Target Neutral has offset 2.5 million tonnes of carbon on behalf of customers, half of which has been achieved in the past three years. That’s equivalent to taking around 1.2 million1 European cars off the road for one year. This has been achieved with innovative carbon neutral products, a new carbon neutral fuel card for fleet operators and a set of easy-to-use tools such as online carbon calculators - all of which have contributed to BP Target Neutral’s steady increase in business participation which has seen a th... Read More »

Janet Moyer Landscaping Celebrates its 25th Anniversary


Janet Moyer founded the company in 1990 as a passion turned career. Over the years she and her husband Michael Hofman have lead the business, filling a niche in Bay Area residential landscaping. With a focus on sustainable practices and water conservation, JML has a proven record of designing, installing and maintaining specialized gardens that thrive under the unique challenges of San Francisco microclimates and geology. JML is now an employee-owned organization. With Janet and Michael's guidance, a new generation of JML employees is continui... Read More »

Louisiana Mystery Writer announces Release of Big Easy Anniversary Edition


Eric Wilder completed Big Easy just before Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans and the Gulf coast. The storm destroyed homes and lives and displaced thousands. Many never returned. At the time, Wilder said, "I feared the city might not survive." Big Easy languished on the author's shelf until he was able to deal with the disaster. When he did, he rewrote the novel with reference to the killer hurricane. Three more mysteries, City of Spirits, Primal Creatures, and Black Magic Woman followed. River Road, book five of the popular series is... Read More »

Setra TopClass 500 crowns anniversary of the Di Fonzo company in Italy


First Setra TopClass 500 touring coach for the Mediterranean country Rather than the company's customary black paintwork, the new flagship will be touring throughout Europe in a brilliant yellow finish. For vice-president Alfons Di Fonzo, the new Setra is the pride and joy of this company, which was established in 1934, originally as a postal delivery undertaking: "The S 517 HDH is the most beautiful vehicle currently available on the European market. With its exclusive comfort appointments and its high safety standards, it is the perfect coac... Read More »

NASA invites public to select favorite moon image for lunar orbiter anniversary collection


'The Moon as Art' collection gives the public the opportunity to see the moon as others have seen it for centuries – as an inspirational muse – but this time from the perspective of being in orbit with a series of 'eyes' that see in different parts of the electromagnetic spectrum," said Brooke Hsu, science education specialist at the Lunar and Planetary Institute/Universities Space Research Association in Greenbelt, Maryland. The public can vote on the final cover image from five possible candidates selected because of their beauty and/or sc... Read More »

Boeing celebrates double 777-300ER delivery to EVA Air


"Our new Boeing 777-300ERs will allow us to initiate significant changes in the flying experience we offer passengers around the world," said EVA Air Chairman K.W. Chang. "We will continue to modernize our world-class fleet with new and innovative technologies, ensuring that our passengers receive the most comfortable and memorable flying experience." The Panasonic eX3 in-flight entertainment system on EVA Air's new flagship 777-300ER features in-flight Wi-Fi connectivity and high-definition video touch screens at every seat. The airline'... Read More »

J.P. Morgan celebrates 80 years in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Over the past 80 years, J.P. Morgan has invested in delivering solutions for clients from all major industries and strengthening local communities through the firm’s corporate responsibility program. Today, J.P. Morgan is the only U.S.-headquartered financial institution with two operating licenses in Saudi Arabia providing access to a comprehensive range of products and global banking capabilities for clients in Saudi Arabia. JPMorgan Chase Bank, NA has a banking license and is regulated by the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency. J.P. Morgan Sau... Read More »

J.P. Morgan celebrates 35 years in Securities Lending industry


J.P. Morgan’s journey began in 1979, when its securities lending program was launched. Five years later, the program added U.S. government securities lending and introduced a new lending system that provided online access to loan information. By 1993, the firm had a strong range of international securities, and has continued expanding the selection of the countries in which it lends. Securities lending allows institutional investors such as asset managers, pensions funds, insurance companies, central banks and sovereign wealth funds to gener... Read More »

3M Celebrates 75 Years of Making Roads Safer


Over its three-quarters of a century in the traffic safety industry, 3M has demonstrated that reflective sheeting was only the beginning of its capabilities. Other innovations in the following decades included Centerlite™ Pavement Marking Material, first explored in 1937 and introduced in 1946, which finally gave drivers a centerline material more visible than paint. In the 1950s, the company’s creations included wide-angle, flat-top sheeting for improved visibility, and Reflecto-Lite™ sheeting for license plates. In the 1970s, 3M™ High Inte... Read More »

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