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Cisco, Apple, Aon, Allianz introduce a first in cyber risk management

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Cisco, Apple, Aon and Allianz today announced a new cyber risk management solution for businesses, comprised of cyber resilience evaluation services from Aon, the most secure technology from Cisco and Apple, and options for enhanced cyber insurance coverage from Allianz. The new solution is designed to help a wider range of organizations better manage and protect themselves from cyber risk associated with ransomware and other malware-related threats, which are the most common threats faced by organizations today. Cyber security risk is growing... Read More »



Within the scope of this agreement, SUEZ and L’Oréal have decided to promote innovative solutions to favour sustainable production, to work together to tackle climate change, protect oceans and water resources, and preserve natural resources and biodiversity, and to promote the circular economy. To accomplish this, SUEZ will work with L’Oréal to develop solutions, based on the excellent results already achieved, to: - attain a neutral or positive “water footprint” for some L’Oréal sites, particularly by optimising water management in its ... Read More »

Allianz: Cooperation for greater cybersecurity in Germany


Volkswagen, Allianz, BASF and Bayer aim to establish “DCSO Deutsche Cyber-Sicherheitsorganisation GmbH” Collaboration with Federal Ministry of the Interior (BMI) and Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) DCSO to function as competence center for German industry IT managers at the founding companies are convinced that “secure cyber systems are a basic prerequisite for business success. However, in light of the growing number of cyber attacks on corporate systems, businesses must cooperate more closely with one another and with gov... Read More »

Allianz: On global conflicts and sultanate Delhi


Allianz-Shlomo Ben-Ami is a former Israeli diplomat, politician and historian. Between 2000 and 2001, he was the 15th Israeli Foreign Minister and he is now Vice President of the Toledo International Centre for Peace. Shlomo Ben-Ami is a former Israeli diplomat, politician and historian. Between 2000 and 2001, he was the 15th Israeli Foreign Minister and he is now Vice President of the Toledo International Centre for Peace. Shlomo Ben-Ami is holding a series of seminars in Jewish History and Culture at Munich's Ludwig-Maximilian University (... Read More »

Allianz presents Bayern München team for the new season


Presentation of new FC Bayern squad on July 11 at the Allianz Arena Showtraining, FCB All Stars match and star pianist Lang Lang Ticket sales to support the Foundation “Allianz für Kinder” now open "Once again this year, we welcome our long-time partner and record club with the championship trophy at the Allianz Arena," says Joseph K. Gross, Head of Group Market Management at Allianz SE. "We are pleased to experience a great day, together with about 70,000 spectators." The tickets are available for 10 € (adults) and 5 € (children up t... Read More »

Allianz: Healthy, motivated, consumerist: active senior citizens advance societies


The surprising results of the "Demography-Compass", presented for the first time at the Berlin Demography-Forum (BDF) 300 international experts from the fields of politics, business, and academia gather at the BDF to discuss the "activity, health, participation" of older people Among the participants: German Minister for the Interior Dr. Thomas de Maizière and Minister of Health Hermann Gröhe This is the core message of the new "Demography Compass", which BiB developed on behalf of the BDF. According to the data, a new population group i... Read More »

Allianz: A green celebration


Sinéad Browne: “The longer I am away from my country, the more I feel proud about my roots.” How did you feel when you saw the Arena lit up in green for the first time? Sinéad Browne: Above all, I felt humble as the ‘greening initiative’ has become such a huge event around the globe. For my company to become part of it, and to be there personally when the Allianz Arena suddenly turned green – just like the Sydney Opera House, Niagara Falls or the Great Wall of China – was truly exciting. How did it happen? Ireland and G... Read More »

Allianz: Oil price collapse


Apart from the fact that it's much cheaper to fill up our cars: is this good for the global economy? The slide in oil prices will boost growth in many economies. While companies, particularly those in the manufacturing industry, will have lower costs, normal consumers gain purchasing power. They have to spend less on fuel and heating. We are forecasting economic growth of 1.5 percent across the euro zone, and 3 percent for the US. Emerging markets, who are large importers of oil, will profit from lower prices. India and Indonesia have used l... Read More »

Allianz: “Baby boomers will contribute to growth in our asset management and life business”


Mr. Ralph, Allianz Asset Management (AAM) contributed roughly 25 percent to the operating profit of Allianz in 2014. Do you expect to be able to grow or are you on a consolidation path given market conditions? Growth is a result of what you deliver to your clients, not the other way round. For 2014 we have delivered: The three-year outperformance ratio of Asset Management is very good, it reached 84 percent. We will keep putting our clients first. So what’s on their agenda right now? I think one of the major drivers of our asset managemen... Read More »

Allianz: Record number of vehicle recalls


“Automobile recalls occur more frequently in the US than in Germany because the American legal regulations are more stringent than in Germany.” Carsten Krieglstein, Head of Liability at AGCS in Germany Almost 63 million cars were sent back to repair shops as a result of safety issues in the US in 2014 – more than twice as many as in 2004, the year which previously counted the highest number of recalls. Almost half of these safety issues were related to passenger protection systems, followed by problems with electronic components and brake de... Read More »

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