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“Sustainability and Technological Innovations”: Lufthansa presents commitment at the ILA Berlin Air Show 2016

“Sustainability and Technological Innovations”: Lufthansa presents commitment at the ILA Berlin Air Show 2016

  • Germany
  • Lufthansa with B 747-8 Fanhansa “Siegerflieger” and first A320neo visiting on Saturday • Lufthansa Group invests massively in ecological sustainability of flight operations • “Four Pillar Strategy” for climate protection will be followed rigorously • Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines and Swiss offer CO2 compensation for flights.

On Saturday, June 4, Lufthansa was a guest at the International Aerospace Exhibition public day along with two aircraft and will provide information about sustainable mobility. At 9:10 a.m. the first Airbus A320neo worldwide will land at the ILA terrain in Berlin, followed at 9:35 a.m. by the Boeing 747-8 – better known as the Fanhansa “Siegerflieger” or ‘Winner’s Plane‘. Whilst visitors to the fair can visit the aircraft cabin of the ‘Winner‘s Plane‘, the A320neo will take part in the flight program at 2:30 p.m.

With the presentation of the A320neo and further technological advances, such as the software program OMEGA, which was awarded the German aviation innovation prize on Tuesday, Lufthansa supports this year’s motto from the ILA – “Sustainability and Technological Innovations“. The Lufthansa Group consistently pursues the “Four Pillar Strategy“ for climate protection, which consists of technological, operational, infrastructural and economic measures.

Over 20 Years of Commitment to Climate Research
The Lufthansa Group has been committed to climate research for over 20 years. Lufthansa passenger flights travel as “flying climate research laboratories“, to analyze the intermediate air layers without generating additional emissions themselves. At cruising altitude Lufthansa collects routinely trace substances and provides the data subsequently for science. In this way, the Lufthansa Group makes an important contribution to the improvement of weather forecasts and climate models.

Lufthansa enables CO2 Flight Compensation
The visit from the ‘Winner’s Plane’ and the A320neo at this year’s ILA is CO2 neutral – that is: Lufthansa compensates the emissions produced by means of a donation to the climate protection organization myclimate: The Swiss non-profit foundation belongs to the worldwide leading suppliers of voluntary emission compensation measures.

Lufthansa passengers have been able to offset the individual CO2 emissions caused by air travel since 2007. Following flight reservations at, it is possible to determine the individual CO2 emission for the respective route using an emission calculator; this can then be compensated on a voluntary basis. Thanks to the partnership with myclimate, it is guaranteed that the donation is transferred directly to projects for the protection of the climate, which meet the highest standards and, in addition that the CO2 reduction also contributes positively to sustainable development. The Lufthansa Group subsidiaries, Austrian Airlines and Swiss, offer their customers relevant compensation programs.

Lufthansa Group invests in the Ecological Sustainability of Flight Operations
The Lufthansa Group is presently undertaking the biggest fleet renewal program in the company’s history and invests in highly efficient and quiet aircraft. By 2025, the Lufthansa Group will have received 251 latest generation aircraft at a list price of approximately 40 billion Euros. This year alone a total of 52 brand new aircraft are to be delivered to the Lufthansa Group.

At the beginning of the year Lufthansa took over the first Airbus A320neo worldwide, which operates from Frankfurt. Due to the new engine technology, the 85 decibel noise contour of an A320neo at take-off, is approximately 50 percent less than the comparable contour of the previous model. Lufthansa has ordered a total of 116 aircraft of this type. Moreover Lufthansa has meanwhile fitted all models of the A320 family with so-called “vortex generators“ under the wings, so that landings within a radius of 10 to 17 kilometers from the airport are quieter by up to four decibels.

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