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Sterling Style Academy Offers Image Consultant and Personal Stylist Training Programs

Sterling Style Academy Offers Image Consultant and Personal Stylist Training Programs

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  • Sterling Style Academy is committed to providing the most comprehensive image consultant and personal shopping training programs worldwide.
  • Sterling Style Academy
  • http://www.sterlingstyleacademy.com/
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Many people dream of working in the fashion industry, but do not have the time or resources to make it happen. For those people, Sterling Style Academy can make it possible. The Sterling Style Academy is recognized internationally as a reputable institute for certifying and preparing men and women for success and careers as animage consultant, personal stylist, or a personal shopper.

Sterling Style Academy(http://sterlingstyleacademy.com/) is committed to providing the best fashion and style consultant training worldwide. They offer training programs on-location in New York, Los Angeles, Dubai, Miami, Milan, Paris, Mexico City, and Hong Kong. In addition to offering training on-location, they also offer e-Certification Programs that enablesindividuals earn a certificate online.  These courses can be accessed from more than 65 different countries and they make it easy to obtain a quality education without compromising work schedules and responsibilities.

For people who enjoy shopping and fashion and to convert that into an exciting, life-long career, Sterling Style Academy can make it possible with the necessary tools and resources to get you started. The personal shopper, personal stylist, and image consultant training certification programs that they offer will help develop the skills to be an expert in the area and become someone that clients trust.

The Sterling Style Academy offers a 5-step formula for their eCertification Program. This program has been tested and proven to be very successful. The online program covers topics including: how to give a style consultation, how to work with clients, understand what colors are best for them,skills to be a good personal shopper, and many other topics. If an e-Certification is not the best choice, Sterling Style Academy also offers 3-day, 5-day or 7-day training courses in the industry online and on-location. The courses offered by the company are based on proven methodologies that provide clients with the immediate preparation to start working with clients. The combination of courses and training sessions will provide people with the skills needed to execute a successful career in the industry.  Participants in the program have the option of training to become certified in the area or improving existing skills as a consultant, personal stylist, or personal shopper.

Receiving the best training is the most important step to becoming successful in this career field. The best place to start is by registering for a training course with the Sterling Style Academy. For more information on their courses and training, visit their website (http://sterlingstyleacademy.com/). There they have website registration information, pricing, dates, a blog, and some FAQ. Sign up for a complimentary podcast for information on how to become an image consultant and how to start a styling business online. Contact them at the information below to get started today!


Contact Information

Company Name: Sterling Style Academy

Phone: +1.888.866.8996

Fax: +1.888.616.4598

Email: info@sterlingstyleacademy.com

Website: www.sterlingstyleacademy.com

Blog: www.sterlingstyleacademy.com / blog

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