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Sprinkler Systems in Katy, TX

Sprinkler Systems in Katy, TX

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  • The release discusses about the sprinkler systems offered by DK Sprinklers in Katy, TX.
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  • Katy, TX, 2015/ Press Release:

If you want to improve the aesthetic appearance of your lawn, you must invest in the right sprinkler system. However, with a number of options available today, such as oscillating, stationary or rotary sprinkler, it might be confusing to choose the right type of sprinkler suiting your needs.

 DK Sprinklers provides quality sprinkler systems to residential and commercial properties in Katy, TX. The company offers complete designing, installation, and repair and maintenance services for all types of sprinklers. Owned and managed by a licensed irrigator, Danny King, DK Sprinklers has always been a name associated with innovative and advanced lawn improvement products.

The sprinkler systems provided by the company are manufactured with certified products to make sure that each part of your lawn receives the equal amount of water. Their technicians understand the importance of saving water and thus, offer smart solutions to minimize the water consumption for your irrigation purposes. Conforming to this, they have pioneered in providing Rain Bird sprinkler systems and Skydrop sprinkler control systems in Katy.

DK Sprinklers aims at educating the clients about different types of irrigation systems. Their technicians will explain you about the various options in sprinkler systems as well as the uses and features of each of them. With this, they help you make a wise decision regarding the installation of a new sprinkler or modifying the existing one. Their technicians also provide repair services for leaky, crooked or broken sprinklers to save you from the problems of wet or dry spots in the lawn.

For more details about the sprinkler systems provided by DK Sprinklers, call at (281) 794 – 4891 or visit their office at 7338 Windy Port Lane, Richmond, TX 77407. You can also browse through their website to know more.

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