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SmarterHR Announces New Solution to HR Issues

SmarterHR Announces New Solution to HR Issues

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Comprehensive Platform Can Help Struggling HR Staff Overcome Common Pitfalls.

HR professionals know that balancing their many responsibilities can be time consuming and frustrating. On one hand, they are conducting interviews with the new intern candidate, while on the other hand, navigating a myriad of healthcare and financial laws. Smarter HR’s new software offers a great solution to help balance all of HR’s responsibilities in a single platform that contains no bolt-ons, nor a need for them.

The number of challenges human resource managers face each day is one of the reasons SmarterHR believes they can bring change to the industry by helping business owners save time and money with their new program. The user-friendly human resources management software integrates 137 HR functions into one seamless platform. “In the past, HR teams have addressed their many challenges through a variety of programs, some high grade, some homemade,” says Tim Walsh “Now they have all they need packaged into one program with no bolt-ons.”

One big issue hindering the efficiency of HR teams is the manual entry of data. Mangers spend hours typing up hand written forms and filing the originals. Another problem is processing payroll documents and the various components included. Tracking the actual time worked by employees can be a hassle. Many companies are surprised to find out how much money they lose due to sloppy or misleading time clock entries.

All of these problems and more can be solved with SmarterHR’s new software. They purposefully don’t offer multiple packages. Each HR team gets the full spectrum of benefits with no need to buy more at a later date. However, if you need something new as your company grows, Smarter HR will design it for you. While this may sound overwhelming to professionals that are not comfortable with new software, Smarter HR has a team on hand to help with anything you could need. Their team handles software implementation, provides hands-on and virtual orientation, and even phone support. Additionally, a wealth of knowledge is available through their online articles and instructional materials.

Smarter HR, LLC is a Human Resource management company based out of Westborough, Massachusetts. Having been in operation for 14 years, the Smarter HR software is used to manage over 800,000 lives on a monthly basis, all while providing seamless all-in-one functionality to efficiently and effectively manage employees in a paperless capacity. For more information about Smarter HR, visit them online at, or call 866-440-8778. You can also connect with them on LinkedIn at

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