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Smart Solutions for the Hotel Industry

Smart Solutions for the Hotel Industry

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  • Nu-menu is a well-know reseller based in South Africa that provides a wide array of software and hardware specially designed for the hospitality sector. All the products are of high quality.
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The hospitality industry is progressing in leaps and bounds, and Nu Menu is an industry leader. Nu Menu picks out the most efficient software and hardware and uses only the most effective and up-to-date solutions available. Hotels have a plethora of needs in terms of the efficient management of several systems for the running of their multiple systems in order to cater to guests successfully. Nu Menu is strategically positioned in a way so as to provide technological means for hotels to run smoothly, and to alleviate hoteliers’ millions of day to day hassles. This way, an hotelier using Nu Menu’s offerings, not only stays ahead of the competition but can also rest easy because their lives just got a whole lot simpler. Have a look at their website at:

Here is a list of services that the Nu Menu technologies facilitate:

  1. Check in and check out:

a)    Online and mobile check in

This is ideal for travellers who need to book and check in remotely.

b)    Self service kiosks

This is a fast and simple solution for guests to check in physically.

  1. Guest facing solutions:

a)    Web valet

This gives you the opportunity to interact with guests electronically.

b)    Mobile valet

The mobile valet offers the same functions as those of Guest and Web valet by situating the user experience on mobiles through an app.

c)    Guest valet

This portal is accessible through tablets provided to guests by the hotel.

  1. Hotel telephony:

a)    KX Hotel

This is a communications hub which facilitates checking in and out, delivering pre-set alarms, managing cleaning codes, room service, telephone services and more.

b)    Panasonic PBX

This is a technology for wireless telephone services in hotels.

  1. IPTV:

This is a smart technology for offering internet based TV to guests. These can be:

a)    Cloud based; and

b)    Server based.


Other comprehensive services offered by Nu Menu are in terms of:

  1. Cloud based PMS: a) Hotel management b) Booking engine c) Marketing for hotels d) Marketing for hotels e) Maintenance management f) Measuring guest experience; and in
  2. Digital Signage.

Nu Menu’s technology is built as well as distributed in Europe and America. Each of their solutions has undergone rigorous testing in these markets before they were brought to the African market. Rest assured, for Nu Menu’s solutions are only top class. And no less than just that. They also have a dedicated support team which is active round the clock, and will put your mind at ease each time you call them without the shadow of a doubt.

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