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See-N-Read Reading Tools Help You Read Faster & More Accurately

See-N-Read Reading Tools Help You Read Faster & More Accurately

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  • The release discusses how See-N-Read Reading Tools help in reading faster and more accurately.
  • See-N-Read Reading Tools

If you want to read faster and with more accuracy, See-N-Read Reading Tools can help. The research based tools have been designed to improve reading skills in people of all age groups. They can help you increase your reading speed and comprehend information in a better way.

See-N-Read Reading Tools were originally developed by Dr. Sylvia R. Smith with an aim of helping her daughter overcome reading difficulties in elementary school. Her slow reading speed severely affected her academic performance and self-confidence. These reading tools helped in increasing her reading fluency by maintaining a steady eye movement on a particular line. They also helped in enhancing her visual processing, tracking and comprehension.

Reading Tools Offered:

See-N-Read®: The reading strip helps in reducing word line skipping and filtering out distractions. This further improves concentration and reading speed.

MemoryMark™: The cut-out window enables the readers to write notes and highlight the key points in the content. This helps in building reading and learning strategies which can be beneficial in memorizing the text for a longer period of time.

eSee-N-Read™: This is an electronic tool that enhances on-screen reading speed and lowers eye strain as well as screen glare. It works well with printed documents, workbooks, standardized sheets etc.

See-N-Spell™: The tool aims at increasing academic vocabulary and reducing spelling mistakes. It is also beneficial in identifying the correct usage of sound-alike words.

ColorTAG™: It involves a practical color-based approach that helps the readers to systematically identify the key information in any content. This helps to develop a more focused approach to reading, concentrating more on the main idea and spending less time on the supporting details.

For more information about See-N-Read Reading Tools, you can call at (630) 236 – 5592 or visit 2533 Sutton Lane, Aurora, IL 60502. You can also log on to their website to know more.

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