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RWE: “Go & See 2014“: European electro mobility test passed

RWE: “Go & See 2014“: European electro mobility test passed

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  • “Electro-mobile finale“ at Newcastle: After exactly 3,471 kilometres (=2,157 miles) and 13 days, RWE‘s “Go & See Tour 2014” reached its destination on Saturday as planned. During the last few miles, RWE employee Tim and his team in the Tesla S electric car were escorted by an impressive electric vehicle parade of RWE’s British subsidiary npower and many spectators. Before, the Tesla crew had driven through five European countries, heading for innovative projects and stations dealing with the future of our energy supply. During the whole trip there were no technical problems and the charging stops all ran smoothly. “We clearly passed this European eMobility test” concluded Arndt Neuhaus, CEO of RWE Retail. v
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After an imposing tour kick-off in Prague, Tim and Tesla embarked on their trip on 14 July. During the almost two weeks of their tour, they not only got to know several European countries and their people: among other things, they also visited an energy independent nursery, the world’s longest superconductor route as well as various plants and projects dealing with renewables-based and innovative electricity production.

Everywhere the Tesla was received with a great deal of attention, and many people did not want to miss the opportunity of going on a test drive. The whole trip was described by Tim and his crew in their tour blog (en.vorweggehen.de/go-and-see-tour). This included not only daily reports on the practical eMobility test with the Tesla S (420 h.p., a range of 270 miles) and interviews with energy experts but there were also insights into Tim’s daily life “on the road“: The misunderstanding with the Czech police concerning a missing motorway tax label or Tim’s face-to-face encounter with the cows of an energy farmer that surrounded the Tesla curiously – Tim remained unflustered and in charge even when unexpected situations crept up.

With the Czech Republic, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and the UK, the “Go & See Tour 2014“ visited countries and companies of RWE Retail. RWE Retail is responsible for the entire international sales business of the RWE Group. “The successful tour also demonstrated the good cooperation of RWE’s employees across different countries” delighted Arndt Neuhaus, CEO of RWE Retail.

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