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RRI Project: rehabilitation of bridges in Cameroon

RRI Project: rehabilitation of bridges in Cameroon

  • Germany
  • As part of the German-Cameroonian Financial Cooperation, the KfW Development Bank approved the financing of bridge rehabilitation of Cameroon’s main roads.
  • RRI Rhein Ruhr International GmbH

A list of 58 selected bridges was prepared by the Ministry of Public Work Projects (MINTP). The rehabilitation of the bridge near the town Ebeda over the river Sanaga and of the bridge over the river Noun of the road RN 6 obtained top priority. As agreed with the MINTP, RRI identified further bridges in need of rehabilitation in the provinces Centre, Ouest and Littoral.

2002 our staff carried out the first inspections of the bridges using a crane truck with a mobile platform. For the examination of the under-water parts divers from the town Douala were hired. Rhein Ruhr International was responsible for preliminary studies, the elaboration of rehabilitation measures, the preparation of tender documents, both nationally and internationally, and assisted the MINTP in the process of contract awarding.

The detailed investigation comprised static recalculations of buildings, cost estimation as well as hydrological and socio-economic surveys. In total, RRI examined and documented 58 bridges.

Additionally, RRI was assigned with the supervision of rehabilitation works. At the present moment works on two bridges in the town of Edea over the river Sanaga are being carried out.

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