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Reduce Rental Home’s Vacancy Cycle In Killeen, TX

Reduce Rental Home’s Vacancy Cycle In Killeen, TX

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  • The release discusses the mechanism followed by Hunter Rentals & Property Management to reduce the rental home’s vacancy cycle in Killeen, TX.
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Killeen, TX/ 2017: Landlords often hire property management firms to shorten the vacancy cycle of their rental properties. They tend to leverage on professional knowledge and experience of property managers to bring tenants and make them stay for a longer duration. Hunter Rentals & Property Management is one such firm in Killeen, TX, offering comprehensive services to property owners across the city. The team follows a full-fledged strategy to shorten the vacancy period of the rental property.

Their clients can search and browse an appropriate home that suits their needs through the MLS listing, with a detailed description about each rental property given on their website. The agents at Hunter Rentals & Property Management help you to make the right choice and guide you throughout the process of selecting an ideal rental home.

Modus Operandi For Reducing The Vacancy Period

  • The team uses specialized property management software that enables them to carefully monitor the lease expiry dates.
  • A renewal notice is sent to the tenant, approximately 45 days before the expiry of lease.
  • The notice explains the rent increase conditions (if any) along with the lease renewal procedure.
  • If the tenant declines the new release, the tenant is asked to submit a 30 day written notice of intent to vacate.
  • The property passes a thorough inspection once the tenant has removed all furnishings and personal belongings.
  • The professionals then prepare the property, to advertize and show it.

Thus, they follow a comprehensive methodology to minimize the vacancy period and to prevent unexpected vacancies.

Why Choose Hunter Rentals & Property Management –

  • Qualified staff
  • Strict tenant screening
  • Reasonable management fee
  • Quality services
  • Assist in paperwork
  • Electronic monthly proceeds

For more information about services of Hunter Rentals & Property Management, call at (254) 634 – 3311 or visit their office at 1503 W Stan Schlueter Lp, Killeen, TX, 76549. You can also log on to their website


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