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Prudential: Pramerica Systems Ireland hires its 1000th employee

Prudential: Pramerica Systems Ireland hires its 1000th employee

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  • Pramerica Systems Ireland, the largest employer in northwestern Ireland, recently celebrated a historic milestone when it hired its 1,000th employee.
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Heather Smith joins Pramerica as a systems tester. Heather is from England, studied Japanese at Oxford University and spent a couple of years working in Japan.

“The company is extremely proud to reach this historic milestone,” said Caroline Faulkner, senior managing director and chief information officer.

There is a rich talent pool in Ireland and Pramerica offers high quality jobs to help meet the demands here.

“We’re very proud of the organization we have built for Prudential and the positive financial impact we have on the local community and our strong ties with local educational institutions,” adds Faulkner. “We would not have gotten to this point without the support of all our U.S. colleagues and the dedication, commitment and energy of our talented and diverse employee base.

Pramerica is a software and contact centre subsidiary of U.S.-based Prudential Financial, Inc. (PFI) (NYSE:PRU) that provides technology and operations services for PFI businesses in the United States. It was established in 2000 as a software development operation with 88 employees. Since then, the company has evolved into a multifunctional global business solutions centre with 1,000 employees, Faulkner noted.

Most recently, Pramerica has expanded its services to PFI’s offices in Poland and Japan, offering new opportunities for Japanese-speaking systems testers – including its 1,000th employee, Heather.

Heather moved to Ireland in 2010 from the Netherlands. She recently moved to County Donegal from Drumfries to accept her position at Pramerica. She and her partner have two daughters ages 12 and 14. She spends her free time travelling and enjoying hiking and other outdoor activities. In fact, Heather is a member of rowing clubs in the United Kingdom, Japan and the Netherlands. She is also a swim coach for 8- through 15-year old children.

“Pramerica is one of the most recognizable brands in Ireland,” said Heather. “I’m excited about being a member of such a respected company and I look forward to providing relevant contributions with my new colleagues.”

Pramerica offer careers in a variety of areas including: software development, quality assurance testing, engineering, contact centre, back office processing, technical support, financial, legal, actuarial, project management and business analysis. Employees benefit from an exciting working environment, great learning opportunities, a supportive management team and an extensive benefits package. More than 25 percent of employees enjoy the flexibility of working from home.

Pramerica staff members are also actively involved in their local communities. Last year employees volunteered close to 7,000 hours of time in a number of company-sponsored projects. In doing so, they awarded top youth volunteers across Ireland through the Pramerica Spirit of the Community programme; raised awareness for disability, cancer, depression, homelessness, vulnerable youth and distressed animals, and shared their knowledge with young people in the community through initiatives such as Coder Dojo. Pramerica partners with a number of educational institutions locally and nationally and has a unique link with Mulroy College through the Schools’ Business Partnership.

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