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Partnership UvA-AUAS no longer requires joint executive board

Partnership UvA-AUAS no longer requires joint executive board

  • Netherlands
  • There are many good examples of partnership between the UvA and AUAS in teaching and research, but the administrative union has been of limited added value in this regard. As for the service units, the partnership did not lead to benefits in terms of efficiency and scale, but did result in greater quality of service provision. These are the main conclusions of research reports on the administrative partnership between the UvA and AUAS. The research reports were carried out by Berenschot and Deloitte. The reports were discussed by the Executive Board on Thursday morning, 8 September. The full reports and a comprehensive response can be read at the bottom of this article.
  • University of Amsterdam

Preference of Executive Board

On the basis of both reports, the Executive Board’s preference is for a dissolution of the administrative union. This would mean both institutions once again get their own Executive Board. At the same time, it is important to retain the positive aspects of the partnership. Both reports provide scenarios in this regard.


Geert ten Dam, president of the Executive Board: ‘We wish to further discuss the reports internally in the coming period. This is why we will be organising meetings with management, the representative bodies, and students and staff of the UvA and AUAS. These meetings won’t only focus on the dissolution of the administrative union, but also on the ways we can retain the positive aspects of the partnership, both in teaching and research, and with respect to shared service provision.’

The aim is to make a final decision before 1 January, 2017.

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