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OnHub turns one today

OnHub turns one today

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  • A year ago, we introduced OnHub — a router that’s easy to use, and built to be placed front and center in homes (where Wi-Fi works best). Since then, we've been busy delivering on our promise that OnHub keeps getting better. Today, we’re celebrating OnHub’s first birthday and announcing a new partnership with Philips Lighting, the first connected home device you can control directly with OnHub. We know people don’t like having too many apps on their phones, so we made it possible to control your home’s Philips Hue lights without downloading an app. Now anyone connected to your OnHub can type “On.Here” in a computer, tablet, or mobile browser and control the most popular features of your Philips Hue lights from there. Crank up the party lights!
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Apart from Philips Hue, here are 10 awesome things OnHub lets you do:

1. Be the host with the most (Wi-Fi). The OnHub guest network is a place just for guests. And since you may not want to make all of the devices on your primary network available for guests to access, you can pick and choose which gadgets you share (like your printer or TV).

2. Pinpoint what’s slowing you down. OnHub’s Network Check feature measures both the speed of your Wi-Fi router and the speed of the service you’re getting from your ISP. This lets you pinpoint if there’s a problem with your ISP or Wi-Fi.

3. Find the fastest Wi-Fi channel. OnHub constantly scans to make sure your Wi-Fi is on the fastest possible channel. In addition, OnHub automatically switches devices to whichever Wi-Fi band is faster (2.4GHz or 5Ghz) to give you a better Wi-Fi experience. Many Wi-Fi devices don’t automatically select the fastest available connection, so OnHub does it for you.

4. Stay secure. OnHub gets automatic security updates from Google’s cloud to help protect your network, your data, and all of your devices, without interrupting your connection. That means you’ll never have to worry about missing critical security upgrades.

5. Control with a wave of your hand. Sometimes in a busy home, one device needs more bandwidth than others. With the OnHub from ASUS, Wave Control allows you to boost Wi-Fi speed for a specific device simply by passing your hand over the top of your OnHub.

6. Call your Chromebook “Game of Chromes.” Or something. With so many devices online in a typical home, you’ll need a clear name for each one so you can properly prioritize. Custom device naming allows you to give each one its own unique name on the OnHub network.

7. Give your network name some ❤️. Spice up your home’s Wi-Fi network by giving it a name with personality, or if needed, a name with direction (i.e., “UseThisOneMom”). OnHub lets you choose whatever name you want for your router network, and you can even include emojis.

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