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Number of bankruptcies exceptionally high

Number of bankruptcies exceptionally high

  • Netherlands
  • In May, 796 businesses and institutions (excluding one-man businesses) were declared bankrupt.
  • CBS
  • http://www.cbs.nl
  • info@cbs.nl

This is the highest number since the time series started, in 1981. In April, 694 businesses and institutions were declared bankrupt.

In May, the most substantial increase was recorded in the sectors trade and business services. In the construction sector, on the other hand, the number of bankruptcies hardly changed.

As the number of businesses declared bankrupt in a particular month is closely related to the number of days courts are in session, it may vary considerably from month to month. Therefore, the three-month moving average is a more reliable indicator.

The three-month moving average was 733 in May, compared with 721 in April. In March, the three-month moving average was 734. This, too, is the highest level since the beginning of the time series in 1981.

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