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More than $550 Million Recovered from Property Tax Fraud

More than $550 Million Recovered from Property Tax Fraud

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  • More than $550 million has been recovered from property tax fraud in Orange County, Florida. The money comes from property owners who wrongfully applied for property tax exemptions when they did not qualify, primarily Florida's Homestead Tax exemption. The recovered money has been returned to the taxpayers.

Orange County Property Appraiser Rick Singh hired three former law enforcement professionals to investigate property owners trying to beat the system. He introduced a tax fraud hotline for citizens to report suspicious properties, resulting in the recovery of the hundreds of millions of dollars.

“Counties everywhere should invest in diligent investigative work and make it a top priority to catch those that cheat the system,” said Rick Singh, the Orange County Property Appraiser. “That way our communities receive the funding they need to provide vital services to their citizens, like law enforcement, fire, EMS, and schools, and honest tax payers don’t pick up the burden left by individuals or businesses that break the rules.”

The Orange County Property Appraiser is responsible for identifying locating and fairly valuing all property — both real and personal — within the county for tax purposes. Orange County, Florida is home to seven theme parks, more than 60 million visitors per year and 120,000 hotel rooms. Currently, $6.3 million worth of construction is happening every day in Orange County and 14,000 time shares are sold weekly. Visit for more information.

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