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Lloyds Bank Social Entrepreneurs programme welcomes 297 new students and celebrates 274 graduates

Lloyds Bank Social Entrepreneurs programme welcomes 297 new students and celebrates 274 graduates

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  • Almost three hundred entrepreneurs from across the UK joined the Lloyds Bank Social Entrepreneurs programme in Autumn 2014, as 274 graduated from the fully-funded, year-long initiative set up to support social entrepreneurs, run in partnership with the School for Social Entrepreneurs with additional support from the Big Lottery Fund.
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The success of the programme in 2014 sees the number of entrepreneurs who have taken part rise to 725 since the programme’s launch in 2012. A range of social businesses have benefitted from the initiative, each dedicated to tackling social problems, improving communities, the environment or quality of life using an array of unique and innovative entrepreneurial ideas.

The programme provides financial support of £4,000 to Social Entrepreneurs enrolling on a ‘Start Up’ programme focussed on helping them get started with a new idea, and a £15,000 grant to established social businesses embarking on a ‘Scale Up’ programme. In addition to comprehensive training and financial grants students are also connected to a business mentor from Lloyds Banking Group.

Graham Lindsay, Director, Responsible Business and Community Affairs at Lloyds Banking Group, said: “We wish every success to our new cohort of students and recent graduates from the School for Social Entrepreneurs. We believe that through social entrepreneurship there is true potential to use talent and business innovation to tackle real social issues. Our commitment to the Social Entrepreneurs programme remains at the core of our company’s commitment to help Britain prosper. I personally look forward to seeing how our students, both past and present, continue to progress and further develop their enterprises.”

Alastair Wilson, CEO of the School for Social Entrepreneurs, said: “I am delighted to see the continuing success of the Lloyds Bank Social Entrepreneurs programme. Social Entrepreneurs are a unique group of people who use innovative approaches to tackle the most pressing issues in society and the package of support provided by this programme gives them a helping hand for the best chance of success in their mission to change the world.”

To find out more about the programme, visit: www.yourideastartshere.co.uk

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