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Interview with Brice Gaillardon,”Venturi Grand Prix” team manager

Interview with Brice Gaillardon,”Venturi Grand Prix” team manager

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  • Last week the SRT_01E hasbeen delivered to the 10 teams that will participate to the FIA ​​Formulae championship. It's time now to become familiar with these new car. Brice Gaillardon "Venturi Grand Prix" team manager decrypts the work to be completed before the first test in early june ...
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What is your programme until the tests in June ?

On May 15th we took delivery of our first single-seater. Since then we have been working on the car to get to know it. We completely dismantled it to understand the way it was made and to become aware of its content. This also helps us to get the tools we miss for specific uses. We will soon add colors, the ones of Venturi Grand Prix, to the body as all the cars delivered were only in carbon. Then, we will reassemble the chassis and plug the battery.
Furthermore, each team member – all teams are concerned – has to get three specific classes.

The first will be dedicated to electricity risks in general. The next session will deal with assembling and dismantling all the components of the vehicle. In the end, we will be educated about intervention processes in case of accident.

Regarding the battery integration: what is the challenge?

The battery pack is a structural component in the single-seater. We do have to finish the assembly very well so that it will be perfectly integrated to the vehicle. It is something new and check-lists have to be created so that everything goes properly.

The first tests will start in June, what will it consist of?

It will first be a shakedown. Checking that the car works properly, that the driver is well installed in his single-seater and that the optimum ergonomics of the cockpit are corresponding to his position. If this is all operational, we’ll be able to launch the first performance tests.

How is life in Donington?

It goes well. It’s just a new rhythm. We generally are away from home for five days to go racing. This time it’s for three weeks… It’s kind of an overview of the coming season.

The comfort is based on simple temporary things : find the laundry, choose the closest hotel from the race site… We organize kind of a routine when traveling for competition.

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