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Internet Marketing Services by Centex Technologies

Internet Marketing Services by Centex Technologies

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  • The release discusses about the wide gamut of internet marketing services being provided by Centex Technologies, Dallas, TX to their clients.
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Dallas, TX/ 2017: Internet has taken charge over the world and has now successfully interpolated itself in almost all the fields. Marketing Sector has boosted numerous folds by its partnership with the web. With each passing day internet users are increasing and so is the scope of internet marketing. Customers find it easy to locate and buy products online so companies nowadays make sure that they top the search list. Centex Technologies, an internet based marketing company in Dallas, TX provides a complete set of internet marketing services owing to the demand of the companies to stay on page one of the search engine.

Services Rendered–

Centex Technologies has been closely working with their clients and proffering them internet marketing services which include:

Email Marketing – To give personal touch to the whole process emails are sent to the customers on regular intervals informing them about new products, special discounts or any other important information.

Pay – per- Click Advertizing – In this form of internet marketing advertizers pay a nominal fee each time the ad is clicked. It helps build leads and also target specific customers searching for the advertizer’s website. Search engine advertizing – a form of PPC allows advertizers to get their ad placed on search engine sponsored links when somebody searches a related keyword.

Mobile Advertizing – It includes advertizing through SMS, MMS or mobile apps and games on smartphones and tablets.

Video Optimization – Online videos on various websites attract people and so Centex Technologies help their clients to create and post videos on various video sharing websites.

Social Marketing –Centex Technologies, Dallas provides creative content that can be shared by clients to build up their brand and reach out to their followers on the social websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Centex Technologies in Dallas, TX helps their clients improve their bottom line figures and sales by using a combination of internet marketing strategies.

For more information about website designing services offered by Centex Technologies, call at (972) 375-9654 or visit 13355 Noel Road, Suite #1100, Dallas, TX 75240. You can also log on to to know more.

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