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Insurance company “Concord” insured for 5 years from the accident and illness Formula 1 drivers

Insurance company “Concord” insured for 5 years from the accident and illness Formula 1 drivers

  • Russia
  • Sergei Savosin, General Manager of the Insurance Company "Consent" at a press conference held on July 21 in the Moscow City Racing-2013 Formula 1 pilots handed insurance policy from an accident.
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Policies will be valid on the territory of Russia for over 5 years. Coming to the competition, or just to stay in our country, the famous racers from the team of Max Chilton Marussia F1 Team, Jenson Button of Vodafone McLaren Mercedes, Kamui Kobayashi of Scuderia Ferrari, Heikki Kovalainen of Caterham, David Valsecchi, a test driver for Team Lotus F1 Team and Eddie Jordan, the former Formula 1 driver will be insured against accident and illness while under the protection of the Insurance Company “Consent”. Racers sincerely thanked the insurance company “Concord”. Similar policies that apply abroad, and the event organizers have received.

«Moscow City Racing – it is an incredible sight and a real treat for fans of racing. It is encouraging that Muscovites and visitors can witness the races the best pilots of the royal race series. And I hope that the legends of Formula 1 will be more likely to delight us with their performances in Russia, so the insurance company “Concord” has decided to make it a surprise, and insured against accidents and illnesses pilots who took part in the Moscow City Racing “, – concluded the Sergei Savosin. After the press conference, all the participants went to the starting area.

One to drive at extreme speeds through the historical center of Moscow and show mastery of the strongest racers. And the other – to enjoy an unforgettable spectacle, where powerful race cars roaring rush by doing so-called “donuts” – turns on its axis. And despite the fact that the races are indicative only and because of the rain velocity cars was slightly less than the Formula races, show viewers were able to see for themselves – as an extreme sport.

Practically speaking the curtain of the car Kamui Kobayashi of Scuderia Ferrari at the turn hooked right wheel guard. Wheel immediately flew off, and the car burst into flames. In a matter of seconds on the site of the accident were rescue workers who put out the fire, and helped the athlete out of the car, which fortunately did not hurt. Immediately came and tow truck insurance company “Concord” to drive the car in the boxing team. Moscow City Racing-2013 was not limited to exhibition race participants. Throughout the event the audience could not just watch the action unfolding on the track, but also to become the winners of various competitions.

Insurance company “Consent” for the first time in the history of demonstration races acted out tickets to this Grand Prix Formula 1 in Abu Dhabi. To become the owner of it, you had to come up with and send an SMS with the motto for the future of Moscow City Racing, which will take place in 2014. Just 2 hours on a short telephone number received several hundred slogans.

The author of the best slogan – “The heart of Moscow, in agreement with speed” was the 11-year-old Muscovite Anastasia. As told to us Nastia, her whole family – the fans of Formula 1, they are happy to watch the race on TV, and try not to miss a single race. At the Moscow City Racing it comes the third year in a row, and always wanted to go to a real race, so to learn about the competition, came up with a slogan, and sent sms. The girl believed that the winner, and her dream of going to the insurance company has implemented supergonku “Consent”.

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