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Heineken® launches new global responsible consumption campaign

Heineken® launches new global responsible consumption campaign

  • Netherlands
  • Heineken® has announced a new global integrated marketing campaign that champions responsible alcohol consumption. The 'Moderate Drinkers Wanted' campaign launches on January 13th and will be implemented globally throughout 2016. The campaign includes a new TVC, experiential and digital activation, plus paid and earned media support.

“Moderate Drinkers Wanted” is the third chapter in Heineken®’s ongoing commitment to making moderate drinking cool. 2011 saw the launch of ‘Sunrise’, a campaign which brought to life the powerful idea that there are no limits, when you know your limits. The second instalment launched in 2014, ‘Dance More, Drink Slow’, was built around a pioneering partnership with world famous DJ, Armin van Buuren.

This new campaign aims to add momentum to the global trend[1] towards moderation[2] and for the first time places women at its heart, empowering them to encourage men to moderate their drinking.

The campaign centrepiece is a new TV commercial, set to an iconic soundtrack and with the clear message that women prefer men to be moderate drinkers. The commercial, filmed in Los Angeles, is the work of Publicis Italia and Emmy award-winning director Nicolai Fuglsig.

Gianluca Di Tondo, Senior Director Global Heineken® Brand at HEINEKEN, said; “69% of millennials cite avoiding loss of control as the primary motivation for limiting alcohol consumption on a night-out, clearly reflecting the influence of social media and the importance of image control. Moderation is becoming cool, but they need another push – from someone they care about. That is why the focus has now turned to women and the influence they have over our target consumer.

This female-centric approach is reflected not only in the creative execution of the TV commercial, but also in our media strategy. For example, the commercial will be seeded to women only on Facebook for the first week of our launch.”

The new campaign builds on HEINEKEN’s long standing commitment to use its flagship brand to convey the ‘Enjoy Responsibly’ message. In addition to investing 10% of the brand’s media spend in dedicated responsible consumption campaigns, the message is also delivered through sponsorship platforms such as UEFA Champions League, Rugby World Cup and hundreds of music events around the world. The messaging also appeared on more than 8 billion bottles and cans in 2015.

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