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HEINEKEN introduces new disclosure in earnings release

HEINEKEN introduces new disclosure in earnings release

  • Netherlands
  • Amsterdam, 6 August 2013 - Heineken N.V. ('HEINEKEN') announced today the introduction of new reporting metrics (non-IFRS) to provide greater transparency on Group performance. This new information will be disclosed for the first time in HEINEKEN's release on the first half of 2013 to be announced on 21 August 2013.
  • Heineken Holding

The key new metrics being introduced are:

  1. New volume and financial Group metrics to provide better insight into the contribution of HEINEKEN’s joint venture and associate businesses to overall group performance. Group figures are calculated as the sum of all consolidated operations and HEINEKEN’s attributable share in joint ventures and associates. New Group figures will be reported for total volume, beer volume, revenue and operating profit (beia). Consequently, the previously reported Group beer volume metric (defined as consolidated beer volume plus 100% of the beer volume sold by joint venture companies) will no longer be reported.
  2. An analysis of total growth split by consolidation impact, currency translation and organic growth at consolidated level.
  3. A breakdown of total volume into the following categories: beer, licensed & non-beer and third party products volume.

To help the market understand how these changes will impact on HEINEKEN’s 2013 results, Appendix 1 provides an analysis of 2012 results under the new reporting metrics. The 2012 financial information presented in Appendix 1 has been restated for the implementation of the previously announced revised accounting standard IAS19, which is treated as an inorganic item. Appendix 2 includes a glossary of all relevant reporting metrics.

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