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Guided visit gives students a closer look at SSE

Guided visit gives students a closer look at SSE

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  • Around 25 agricultural students from Aberdeenshire and Ayrshire enjoyed a rare, behind the scenes visit to SSE’s Fairburn Wind Farm and Torr Achilty Power Station recently.
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The guided tour included a visit to the dam at the hydro scheme and a visit to the wind farm where the students heard from SSE’s staff about how it all works and what exactly is involved in generating the power to keep the lights on.

Norman MacIver, Estates Manager for SSE was one of the staff members who helped facilitate the visit, he said: “It was an extremely enjoyable day with the students who were keen to see and hear more about what we do.

“People are always pleasantly surprised and impressed when they find out just how much work is involved in an operation such as this. I’m delighted that so many of the students enjoyed the day.”

Andy Findlay, a Lecturer at SRUC, Scotland’s Rural College who accompanied the students, added: “Our recent visit to Torr Archilty Dam was fascinating. Our students are predominantly from a rural background and it let them see that there is a lot more to a dam than a large collection of water with a building attached. Having the SSE staff on hand to explain the workings underground really was interesting. Likewise our trip up to the wind farm was also very worthwhile, again the SSE staff gave us an excellent insight into the performance of the turbines.”

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