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Groupe Renault strengthens recruitment of skills of the future in France

Groupe Renault strengthens recruitment of skills of the future in France

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  • Groupe Renault and representatives of French trade unions CFDT, CFE-CGC and FO today signed an amendment to the CAP 2020 agreement [Business Contract for Sustainable Performance] concluded on January 13, 2017.
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This update provides for the acceleration of the company’s skills development throughout the Group to support the targets of the Drive the Future plan.

“We are building on the CAP 2020 agreement and leveraging constructive labour-management dialogue to address the challenges of tomorrow’s car industry. Together with our trade union partners, we have made a commitment to strengthen the Group’s skills in France which will contribute to achieving the targets of the Drive the Future plan,” commented Tristan Lormeau, Human Resources Director for France.

5,000 new hires on permanent contracts over three years in France

Groupe Renault is increasing its commitment from 3,600 to 5,000permanent contract hires in France over the 2017-2019 period to reinforce and adapt the Group’s skills base to the challenges of new technology.

Groupe Renault has hired 2,600 people on permanent contracts in France since January 2017.

Renault to facilitate and fund new end-of-career provisions

In a stable European market, Renault is offering volunteers with more than five years’ service with the Group the opportunity to be exempted from working three years before their scheduled retirement date at full rate for their pension.

€235 million for employee training at Renault

Groupe Renault will provide an additional €15 million for the existing €220 million employee training programme in France. The goals are to:

- Develop engineering skills in France and remain the hub for the Group’s advanced technology capabilities.
- Ensure that French production facilities become the benchmark throughout the Group and embrace digitisation as part of their transition to factories of the future.

Under the agreement, employees received 800,000 hours of training in 2017.

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