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Ground Breaking Medication Free Guidelines Published for Treatment of Depression

Ground Breaking Medication Free Guidelines Published for Treatment of Depression

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  • New Hope for People Suffering from Depression and other Mental Disorders. TMS is a Game Changer.
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TMS is truly a paradigm shift in psychiatry for the first time ever,people can walk away well not just better!

— Tarique Perera MD

16 million people suffer from depression and 4 million of those who suffer do not get relief from medication.

TMS which stands for Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, a safe, fast effective and non-invasive treatment is the solution. TMS is FDA Approved for Depression.

TMS is now covered by most insurances and Medicare for those who failed to respond to or had side effects on antidepressants. The first guidelines have been published for TMS.

The lead author, Dr. Tarique Perera is one of the world’s foremost TMS providers. He is the founding president of the international Clinical TMS Society. “Now we have been able to standardize how TMS is provided. Tremendous input has gone in to these guidelines from top TMS providers from all over this country and throughout the world making this a true consensus which was my goal in forming the society years ago”.

These guidelines co-authored along with Perera by Mark S. George, MD; Geoffrey
Grammer, MD ; Philip G Janicak, MD; Alvaro Pascual-Leone, MD, PhD;
Theodore Wirecki, MD will allow more doctors to effectively administer TMS helping those who suffer get better results. Doctors can now provide a novel treatment with a systematic approach. This eliminates a Wild West approach to TMS where anything goes. These thought leaders have short circuited the process with the first published guidelines.

In TMS we have a game changer.
Data from a major NIH study called the STAR D has shown that once a patient has tried 3-4 medications, the chance of next antidepressant working is less than 1%. As Albert Einstein said “trying the same thing over and over again and expecting different result is the definition of insanity”. In patients who have failed or had side effects on 1-4 antidepressants we have a success rate comparison as high as 75-90%.

TMS is superior to medications because it is the only treatment that precisely targets the Brian circuits involved in depression. In contrast drugs are highly non-specific and spread all over the body and brain causing side effects such as weight gain, stomach problems, and sexual side effects while only having limited effectiveness.

Unlike antidepressant that have to be taken lifelong to prevent relapse the benefits of TMS are highly durable. The average TMS course is only 6 weeks with just 30% of responders requiring follow up boosters over the next 5-6 years. Since TMS precisely targets brain regions using magnetic dirks it is very safe. It has no side effects and has a 10 fold lower risk of seizures than medications and it can improve memory and focus. TMS is not shock therapy and does not involve radiation. It may be safer than a cell phone. In fact it is safer in children and pregnant women. Hence there are several people who will choose TMS before trying medications.

TMS is the first state of the art, scientifically proven, medication free treatment FDA cleared for depression.

It can be used for many other psychiatric and neurological conditions. Dr. Perera and his colleagues have had success in treating several conditions including compulsions (OCD), early onset of Parkinson’s, Anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Our goal is to get people 100% well, not just better.

Recently on The Daily Show, Neal Brennan spoke to host Trevor Noah raving about the great experience he had with TMS after trying 5 medications and other forms of therapy.

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