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GfK invests in YouEye Inc.

GfK invests in YouEye Inc.

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  • Strategic investment in the field of digital market research GfK has acquired a stake in YouEye Inc., an innovative technology provider operating in the market research sector. The investment gives GfK access to innovative technology as the company continues its pursuit of selective investment in the field of digital market research.
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US company YouEye Inc. offers a technology platform to conduct and analyze both quantitative and qualitative market research data. The platform facilitates the integration and analysis of various data, such as text-based surveys as well as audio and video files on both mobile and stationary devices. YouEye uses automated software solutions for data analysis, which can, for instance, convert audio data to text or analyze emotions and content shown in videos. The platform also offers the possibility of fast and impactful visualization of reports on survey findings.

As Debra A. Pruent, member of the GfK Management Board, responsible for the Consumer Experiences sector, explained: “We can use YouEye’s innovative technology platform in a variety of the market research solutions offered by GfK. With this investment, we are strengthening the delivery of our portfolio and further expanding our strategic strengths in the field of digital research.”

YouEye Inc. was established in 2011 and is headquartered in Mountain View located in California’s Silicon Valley. The company currently employs a staff of around 20 under the leadership of CEO Malcolm Stewart. YouEye provides research services and technology to some of the world’s leading brands such as T-Mobile, Unilever, Walmart, and eBay. “By adding GfK to our investors, we’re taking a huge step forward in expanding our reach into the Fortune 1000. GfK has an unparalleled reputation in the consumer and market research space, and we’re excited to learn from and innovate with such a globally-recognized brand,” said Malcolm Stewart, CEO of YouEye.

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