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Education Institutions Adopting Integrated HR Systems

Education Institutions Adopting Integrated HR Systems

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  • Academic Facilities Adopt Integrated Human Resources Software.
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Academic Facilities Adopt Integrated Human Resources Software.

Boston, MA-NH – SmarterHR, the owners of a human resources management software designed to incorporate every facet of HR, is excited to see a growing interest in the academic arena. The new software incorporates 137 HR functions into one streamlined and user friendly platform. Academic institutions can gain from the new software’s user friendly interface and depth of quality regarding HR functions.

One large aspect that attracts schools to the new HR software is the fact that it is budget friendly. Many academic human resources are faced with tight budget restrictions and cannot afford to buy several different programs. Smarter HR has one plan and one program that handles every HR function conceivable. This includes time tracking, benefits, and PPACA, among many other things. “It’s a great tool for onboarding new teachers” says Tim Walsh, VP of sales. “It also helps with storing and updating employee info, maintaining the proper documentation, and several other tasks that severely slow down even the best HR department.”

The integrated platform is reflective of a shift in human resource management technology- away from seeking the best software for each individual HR need, to seeking an all-encompassing solution. “Imagine taking 137 parts from different cars to build your vehicle” says Walsh, “you could probably make it work, but why not just get a car that was built as one seamless unit and is ready to roll.” Not only schools, but companies of all kinds like the ACA reporting/PPACA compliance helper, which enables HR professionals to meet new PPACA compliance deadline laws easily.

Other key features include time off management, accrual, employee forms, and the ability to create job listings on job search engines and websites. Smarter HR assures schools that they will provide the needed implementation and support to be sure the institution is prepared and practiced with the software. New technology can be more intimidating than exciting to many professionals, so SmarterHR has chosen to provide ongoing phone support (based locally), in addition to initial training.

Smarter HR, LLC is a Human Resource management company based out of Westborough, Massachusetts. Having been in operation for 14 years, the Smarter HR software is used to manage over 800,000 lives on a monthly basis, all while providing seamless all-in-one functionality to efficiently and effectively manage employees in a paperless capacity. For more information about Smarter HR, visit them online at, or call 866-440-8778. You can also connect with them on LinkedIn at

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