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E.ON launches Enerji Almanya

E.ON launches Enerji Almanya

  • Germany
  • New retail brand aimed at Turkish families and businesses in Germany
  • E.ON
  • http://www.eon.com
  • alois.reitmeier@eon.com
  • http://www.eon.com/en/media/news/press-releases/2014/11/24/eon-launches-enerji-almanya-a-new-retail-brand-aimed-at-turkish-families-and-businesses-in-germany.html

E.ON has launched Enerji Almanya, a new retail brand under which it will market power to Turkish families and businesses in Germany. The Essen-based E.ON subsidiary will offer customers bilingual service and a usage-forecasting tool that will help them keep their energy costs under control. Enerji Almanya’s initial portfolio consists of two products, one of which has a three-year price guarantee.

Christian Drepper, Managing Director of Enerji Almanya, said: “Our products and services are designed to make life easier for Turkish families and businesses in Germany. By creating an independent brand and offering bilingual service, we’re demonstrating how much we value and respect our Turkish customers.”

Enerji Almanya’s business model leverages the experience E.ON has gained through EnerjiSA, its joint venture with the Sabanci Group in Turkey. EnerjiSA supplies energy to more than nine million households in Turkey. E.ON’s partnership in Turkey is now benefiting its core business in Germany.

Enerji Almanya emerged from :agile, an E.ON program whose purpose is to nurture new business ideas for the energy industry. The program gives E.ON employees as well as outside entrepreneurs, start-ups, inventors, and students the opportunity to develop their ideas in a co-working environment at E.ON offices in Düsseldorf and Berlin. A multi-disciplinary committee composed of representatives from E.ON’s different divisions selects ideas for financial support or helps entrepreneurs secure outside investors.

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