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  • The appointment secures expertise vital for Dodson Norwood's capital planning process.
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The appointment secures expertise vital for Dodson Norwood’s capital planning process.

The Board of Directors of Dodson Norwood, an investment company offering a broad range of investment products, today announced that it has elected Cliff Tay as a new non-executive director, effectively immediately. Mr. Tay is the former CEO of a well-established investment firm having also served in various top-management roles during his career.

“We are pleased to have Cliff Tay join us on the Dodson Norwood board,” said Dodson Norwood’s Senior Vice President Abigail Wen. “Not only does Cliff bring a wealth of expertise from his deep experience in investment banking, but he also offers continuity of knowledge in the capital planning process which has become so central to our business planning.”

“When we called upon Cliff Tay to help guide our capital planning process this past year, he took on that role with characteristic poise and professionalism,” said Zhu G. Xinquan, Chief Executive Officer of Dodson Norwood. Shen Zhang, Executive Vice President and Chief Investment offer for Dodson Norwood: “We look forward to continuing to have his wise counsel in this capacity.”

Mr. Tay has previously been charged with responsibility for overseeing stress testing and capital planning for Dodson Norwood.

Mr. Tay has also been exposed to the Audit and Compliance functions in one of his previous roles.

Beforehand, Mr. Tay served as controller at a pioneering investment bank. He began his career at one of the leading consultancy firms with an office in Singapore.

Mr. Tay is a certified accountant, earning a degree in accounting from an acclaimed university, of which he was a Trustee. He is a valuable member to the community with contribution to various charitable foundations and local trusts.

About Dodson Norwood
Dodson Norwood ( is a boutique firm that promotes a “family-like” atmosphere with the goal of providing an enduring legacy for our clients. The firm provides access to investment strategies and techniques used by the largest and most sophisticated private and institutional investors. We seek to consistently generate superior risk-adjusted returns by providing premium investment, management and research services. We believe that by having a local presence coupled with an extensive global network of partners we are able to offer competitive products. Our philosophy is based on the belief that through rigorous research we can identify market anomalies and drive superior and consistent investment results for our clients.

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