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DHL to invest EUR 20 million to enhance its supply chain visibility and risk management platform Resilience360

DHL to invest EUR 20 million to enhance its supply chain visibility and risk management platform Resilience360

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  • DHL is advancing the capabilities of its DHL Resilience360 supply chain visibility and risk management platform with a substantial investment of 20 million euros. The cloud-based platform allows organizations to measure, monitor, and manage supply chain risks by visualizing and analyzing the entire supply chain, allowing organizations to respond rapidly to damaging events and natural disasters, such as winter storm Grayson in the U.S., which grounded flights and disrupted thousands of shipments in early January. Additional modules of the tool facilitate transparency in supply chains as well as the identification of potential supplier problems and provide advanced risk analytics.

Since its inception, the initiative has proven instrumental in mitigating risk for numerous organizations following hurricanes, earthquakes, and other disruptions.

“Based on the phenomenal initial success of DHL Resilience360, we have decided to make another major investment in this product,” states Katja Busch, DHL’s Chief Commercial Officer. “Expanding the solution, which has shown strong growth and ability to be profitable, will facilitate product development, external marketing and enhanced sales presence for customers worldwide seeking to digitize their supply chain.”

The expansion of the solution will focus on supply chain analytics and predictions, harnessing the power of big data to allow companies to anticipate and mitigate risks even more effectively than before. “Product development is one of our top priorities and we will continue to vigorously pursue advancements in this area,” asserts Tobias Larsson, Head of DHL Resilience360. “We are particularly interested in predictive insights, as modern, high-performance businesses need to clearly identify potential hurdles to success as well as untapped opportunities.”

DHL’s extensive network and the vast amount of shipment data the company has collected over the years is a keystone of the platform’s success. This information allows for the creation of detailed, extensive impact assessments and delay predictions that organizations can use to make critical decisions, saving time, money, and reputation loss. The new investment into DHL Resilience360 will provide the opportunity to develop additional tools and methods that advance these insights.

In the last two years, DHL Resilience360 has launched several new modules. In 2016, the Transparency Portal module was launched, providing in-depth insights throughout all tiers of a supplier network in order to ensure quality, supply continuity and regulatory compliance. Last year, Supply Watch introduced a way to use advanced Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies to detect supply chain disruptions before they cause financial losses or long lasting reputational damage. Subsequently, Resilience360 Analytics was launched, offering customers a unique tool combining years of systemically collected supply chain data with some of the most comprehensive risk databases available on the market.

DHL Resilience360 was devised as a cloud-based risk management platform and early warning system, which allows businesses to visualize and track their supply chain operations end-to-end. The platform makes use of vast databases and advanced analytical and incident identification tools to allow near real-time monitoring of possible disruptions, such as natural disasters, political instability, or cyber-attacks, so that risks can be mitigated before they cause financial or reputational damage.

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