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Customs Brokerage Service In Mexico

Customs Brokerage Service In Mexico

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  • The release discusses the customs brokerage services provided by Santos International to the business firms in Mexico.
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If you are looking for customs brokerage services for your Mexico based business, consider Santos International. The company has been a leading provider of reliable and personalized customs brokerage services for more than 5 decades. Serving approximately 75 companies and clearing more than $300 million worth of merchandize annually, you can count on them to streamline your import/export business activities. Being a member of United Shipping, Inc., the company has broad networks across the world to provide personalized services to the clients.

The customs brokers at Santos International work towards getting your import consignment cleared as early as possible, while avoiding any red tapes or penalties. They provide assistance in the clearance of cargo through U.S. customs and various other government agencies. They have an in-depth understanding of goods’ classification and valuation, free trade agreements, tariffs as well as other customs regulations. They will handle all the paperwork on your behalf and prepare all the documents to be presented to the customs officials.

Customs brokerage services provided by Santos International:

Consulting, planning and organizing your business import/export needs

Maintaining relationships with customs brokers at both source and destination plants to facilitate shipment of goods

Assistance in handling complex U.S./ Mexican customs issues

Obtaining C-TPAT certification to reduce customs inspections and speed-up the shipping process

Customizing electronic data interface to meet your needs

Real time tracking and updating the status of the shipped goods

Ensuring timely payment of customs duties and fees

Santos International provides expert consultation to help you lower the shipping time and cost. They will handle each and every aspect of the customs clearance process so you can focus on expanding your business.

For more information about the customs brokerage services provided by Santos International, you can call at (956) 627 – 3035 or visit their office at 5801 S. 35th St., McAllen, TX 78503. You can also log on to their website to know more.

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