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Customers still advised not to drink tap water

Customers still advised not to drink tap water

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  • Thames Water engineers are making good progress solving the water quality issues in the RG8 postcode area, however some water samples are still not meeting the required standards. For this reason the advice to customers is that they should avoid drinking their tap water.
  • Thames Water

Odour from a newly repaired water pipe caused an unusual smell in the tap water on Thursday evening, and the affected customers are strongly advised to avoid drinking it while sampling takes place – although experts agreed on Friday there is “minimal public health risk”.

Flushing and sampling will continue throughout Saturday night and bottled water will be kept available for affected customers.

Simon Earl, Thames Water’s head of water production said:

“We’re very sorry for this continued inconvenience, but we take matters of water quality and public health very seriously and thank customers for their patience. We will continue to work around the clock to get this problem solved as soon as possible.”

The areas affected by the disruption are Streatley, Ashampstead, Upper Basildon and a small part of Pangbourne.

Tap water in the affected areas can still be used for washing and bathing, but not for cleaning teeth, making ice or for letting pets drink. In the highly unlikely event anyone is experiencing illness, they should seek medical advice but any impact to health is not anticipated.

Initial findings show the issue was due to extremely low concentrations of a compound called styrene in the water.

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