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“Connecting people, improving lives” – Deutsche Post DHL Group takes stock of its refugee aid efforts

“Connecting people, improving lives” – Deutsche Post DHL Group takes stock of its refugee aid efforts

  • Germany
  • On the occasion of World Refugee Day 2016, Deutsche Post DHL Group – the world’s leading postal and logistics service provider – has taken stock of its refugee relief activities in Germany. These have focused on strengthening employee engagement, providing vocational support for refugees and assisting federal, state and municipal authorities by making company property available for use as refugee housing and making staff available to help with administrative tasks.
  • DHL
In the first nine months since the refugee aid initiative was launched with the company’s partners SOS Children’s Villages, Teach First Deutschland, Stiftung Lesen and Aktion Deutschland, some 100 employees at Group branches throughout Germany have been working as coordinators, serving as local points of contact for aid organizations and refugees. More than 13,000 Deutsche Post DHL Group employees have volunteered their time in over 650 projects, organizing donated goods, aiding language learning, accompanying refugees in dealings with the authorities, and organizing recreational activities for refugees. To date, Deutsche Post DHL Group has offered internships to over 150 refugees with the prospect of training and future employment; 50 refugees have already been given jobs. Properties measuring some 26,000 m² have been made available to local administrations for use as refugee housing or clothing depots. The Group has also delegated 100 surplus staff members to support various ministries and public authorities in their work and is planning to provide more manpower in the near future. Local administrations are also receiving administrative support from employees who have volunteered. In recognition of these wide-scale efforts, the Group has just received the renowned World Post and Parcel Award in the category Corporate Social Responsibility. Earlier in the year it received the German CSR Award.Guiding principle “Connecting People, Improving Lives”
“The guiding principle of our corporate strategy is ‘Connecting People, Improving Lives’. That applies both to our business operations as a mail and logistics company and our social engagement activities. We are immensely proud of the fact that, in addition to their demanding jobs, more than 13,000 of our employees are working as volunteers to help Germany’s refugee relief effort, living out our guiding principle in such an impactful way,” said Christof Ehrhart, Head of Corporate Communications & Responsibility, Deutsche Post DHL Group.

Deutsche Post DHL Group has long had a well-established infrastructure in place to promote volunteer engagement among its employees. The Group’s annual Global Volunteer Day (GVD) event is a case in point. More than 78,000 employees from countries around the world participated in GVD 2015, investing well over 260,000 hours in some 2,000 social projects they had organized themselves. The Group also has a Living Responsibility Fund which provides financial assistance to support voluntary work performed by employees. An internal We Help Each Other fund is fed by individual employee donations to help colleagues who find themselves in need in the wake of natural disaster.

In its public-private partnerships, Deutsche Post DHL Group promotes education and employment opportunities, and assists both disaster prevention and disaster response. With the Combining Capabilities report recently published together with the United Nations, the Group reported on the effectiveness of public-private partnerships in the humanitarian sector. The report showcases best practice examples to illustrate how these partnerships work in practice, the barriers they need to overcome and the factors that secure their long-term success.

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