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Rijksmuseum collection on stamps

Rijksmuseum collection on stamps

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25 March 2013 at 16:15 CET – Amsterdam – On 25 March 2013 PostNL issues the Rijksmuseum stamp sheet on the occasion of the reopening of the Rijksmuseum on 13 April 2013. The stamp sheet is issued in the context of the reopening of the Rijksmuseum and shows the details of 24 works of art, providing a picture of the vast collection of the Rijksmuseum, in time as well as in subject and technique.

The Rijksmuseum stamp sheet consists of 24 square details of works of art, divided into five rows. The design is based on the swipe technology of smartphones and tablets. This technology is also used on the new website of the Rijksmuseum; visitors to the site can swipe through the images on the display. The images on the stamp sheet are thematically ordered. The first row is on religion and ethics, the second on still lifes and nature, the third on movement and arrested movement, the fourth on simplicity and richness, and the fifth on men and children.

Contemporary stamp sheet “This swipe culture has been my inspiration for the design; I wanted to create a contemporary stamp sheet in this way. There are no captions, but I hope that the stamps encourage people to discover the Rijksmuseum collection in the museum itself or on the website. There are so many special and beautiful works of art,” designer Irma Boom says. In 2012, she also designed the visual identity and the new logo for the Rijksmuseum. Stamps previously designed by Irma Boom include Nelson Mandela 85 (2003), Between Two Cultures (2001), 50th Anniversary Marshall Plan (1997) and the Butterfly Stamps Nature and the Environment (1993).

Availability The Rijksmuseum stamp sheet consists of ten stamps with value ‘1’ for items of mail weighing up to 20 grams for destinations in the Netherlands. The stamps are available at Bruna outlets, the Collect Club in Groningen, online via, and at the Rijksmuseum. The stamps have an indefinite term of validity.

In addition to the stamp sheet featuring ten different stamps, two stamp booklets and two first-day covers* will be available.

*A product of NVPH

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