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Choosing The Correct Clipper Blade Hone

Choosing The Correct Clipper Blade Hone

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Thorvie International offers some of the highest quality, U.S. made sharpening equipment available. If your in the market to start a mobile clipper blade sharpening service or expanding your current sharpening business product line, look no further than the AV-36 clipper blade sharpening machine.

“The AV-36 is one of the easiest machines for learning how to sharpen hair clipper blades” says Ken Frea, president of Thorvie International. “You can sharpen any size clipper blade whether they are being used by hair stylists or animal groomers”.

Most sharpeners can sharpen 10 sets of clipper blades or more per hour. With the national average at $10 per set, that’s $100.00 per hour or more. There are not many low cost business opportunities that offer this kind of profits.

There are 5 very important things needed when sharpening clipper blades. A machine that is direct drive, proper motor RPM, a true running stress relieved cast iron steel honing plate, a honing plate with surface grooves and the correct honing compound. The Thorvie AV-36 comes complete with everything needed to be successful when sharpening clipper blades.

When choosing Thorvie International, you not only get exceptional U.S. quality made equipment, you also get their outstanding service. “We provide every sharpening machine with complete pictured instructions, training DVD’s, supply and tool vendor list, average price sheets, toll free number for live on the spot customer service and yearly follow up calls” says Rick Shefchik, sales and service manager at Thorvie International.


Clipper blades are fast and easy to sharpen but failure to pay attention to a couple key points will not allow the clipper to cut, even if they are sharpened properly.

1) Make sure the spring tension is set correctly, the factory settings recommend 2-3/4 and 3-1/4 pounds of pressure. Using a 5 pound kitchen scale will allow you to measure the current spring tension. If you have to add spring tension, simply use a pliers to bend the spring clips together slightly until you have reset the spring to the proper tension or pressure. If you need to remove spring tension, use a flathead screw driver and spread the spring clips apart slightly. Remember that the spring is made of spring steel so you will have to over bend the spring slightly so it will relax to the proper tension.

2) Make sure the clipper blade socket is adjusted to the factory shape. As the top cutter of the clipper blade moves back and forth to cut the hair, the ears on the socket can flair outward. If the ears are flared outward, they will not fit tightly to the clipper head clip causing the top cutter to chatter and not cut the hair properly. A socket setting tool can be inserted between the ears and bending them back straight with a pliers.

3) Demagnetizing the clipper blades. Clipper blades run across each other at a high speed. Over time friction can setting into the blades causing the clipper blade to chatter also. Using a powered demagnetizer will remove the friction in the steel allowing for a smooth cut.

4) Aligning the bottom comb and top cutter correctly when re-assembling them. The back rails on the bottom comb blade and on the top cutter blade must be lined up to give the top cutter the proper relief. If the back rails are lined up correctly, when you look thought the teeth of the top cutter blade, you will be able to see about 1/32 of steel below the V of the bottom comb blade.

For more information on the AV-36 clipper blade sharpening machine, home business opportunities or other Thorvie sharpening machines, call Thorvie International at 866-497-0572 or visit the website at

Rick Shefchik
Thorvie International, LLC
1820 Industrial Dr.
Green Bay, WI 54302

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