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Report on youth on drugs: marijuana should stay illegal, young Europeans say


Eurobarometer interviewed more than 13,000 15-24 year olds across the bloc in June for the survey, which was released on Thursday (21 August). It focused on levels of drug use, perceived risk of certain substances, as well as opinions on regulating drugs and dealing with drug problems in society. Although a majority called for tougher action against drug dealers and traffickers, they were divided on whether drug users should be punished or receive more medical treatment. One in three stated that treatment and rehabilitation should be offered... Read More »

Wolters Kluwer Health: Study shows epigenetic changes in children with Crohn’s Disease


The study provides "compelling evidence" of alterations of DNA in several regions of the genome in children with CD, according to Professor Jack Satsangi of University of Edinburgh and colleagues. In addition to providing new insights into how genes and the environment interact, the results may have early implications for clinical management of CD. Epigenetic Changes in Childhood-Onset Crohn's Disease The researchers performed a "genome-wide" study in children with newly diagnosed CD, before any treatment, to look for possible epigenetic ... Read More »

Foot Reflexology in Temple TX


All those people who are suffering from any sort of body pains can now have a sigh of relief with the Foot Reflexology treatment at Belle Vie Day Spa in Temple, Texas. The spa and massage centre is renowned for providing extremely soothing Foot Reflexology to all its clients. Foot Reflexology is an alternative treatment option that involves the use of pressure and massages to some specific points of the feet that can help eliminate pain from other parts of the body and also improve overall health. In a 30 minute session of Foot Reflexology at ... Read More »

Halifax: First-time buyers can save £1,300 a year by buying rather than renting


The average monthly mortgage costs associated with owning a three bedroom house for a typical first-time buyer in the UK stood at £677 in June 2014; £110 lower than the average monthly rent paid2 on the same property type at £787. Five years ago, the average cost of buying was £37 a month more (£734 v. £697) than the typical rent paid. The significant fall in the monthly cost associated with buying compared to renting has been driven by the decline in the average mortgage rate since 2009. The mortgage rate3 for a first time buyer has fallen ... Read More »

Lloyds Bank: UK household savings rise by 500% in the last 40 years


Average value of savings per household has increased from £27,896 in 1974 to £126,278. The savings ratio, proportion of income saved by households, has halved to 4.8% in 2014, down from 9.9% in the decade 1974 to 1984. In 1974, deposit savings accounted for 53% of households' total savings; in 2014 this proportion is 38%. The average value of savings per household has increased five-fold from £27,869 in 1974 to £126,278 today. This increase is not as dramatic as the overall rise in the value of household savings because of the growing nu... Read More »

Essilor teams up with Secours populaire for the “Journée des oubliés des vacances”


This summer, 5,000 children who do not normally get the chance to go on holiday will enjoy a day at the seaside in Ouistreham, Normandy, in northern France. Under a partnership signed between Essilor and Secours populaire français, the children will be given sunglasses to help them get the most out of their day while protecting their eyes against the harmful effects of ultraviolet light. ... Read More »

Ebola saves migrants from being returned


The agency handles around two percent of all flights sending migrants back home. Last year, total 160,000 migrants were returned from the EU. ... Read More »

Killeen Chiropractic Care for running injuries


Running can lead to a variety of injuries and problems which should be treated promptly to ensure timely healing. Corrective Chiropractic and Wellness provides professional chiropractic care to treat all kinds of running injuries caused due to excessive training and practice. With chiropractics the root cause of the problem is treated in order to reduce the chances of the injury re-surfacing. Some of the common running injuries which can be treated at Corrective Chiropractic & Wellness are: Runners' Knee: This is usually a result of ov... Read More »

Aviva: Cost of divorce reaches £44,000 for UK couples


The figures show a 57% increase since Aviva last carried out the survey in 2006 when the cost of divorce was around £28,000. While the data suggests legal fees for divorce have actually fallen over the period - from £1,818 to £1,280 - with many opting for cheaper online services, additional costs such as moving house and child maintenance payments mean the overall price of separation has soared. As well as considering the core costs associated with a break-up, the study also looked at added extras that many people buy following a split. The ... Read More »

Partnership: Councils face an additional £1.58 billion annual bill as those prepared to deplete their wealth to avoid paying for care almost doubles


With an estimated 150,000 entering care each year - specialist Insurer Partnership – suggests that this could see councils shouldering up to an additional £1.58billion burden in England alone if all of those who say they intend to spend their wealth do so. Councils in the South East (£330 million) and North West (£240 million) are likely to be most impacted due to the relatively high number of care homes in these regions. However, people in the East Midlands (53%) are most likely to say they would spend their wealth and fall back on the stat... Read More »

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