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GfK: 76 percent of Brits would like a smarter home – they just don’t want to pay for it


Which capabilities of the smart home appeal most? GfK’s research shows: At 84 percent, the most appealing function is energy meters connected to the grid to help control costs. 28 percent are willing to pay for this 67 percent were attracted to a remote controlled home. Like something from science fiction, this smart home unlocks the door as you arrive and has everything ready for you – the lighting is on, the radio is playing, the oven is heating ready to cook your dinner, the bath is run etc. At 51 percent more people are prepared to pa... Read More »

A micro-preemie launches crowd funding campaign at 11 years old


New York, NY - Brianna's story is a story of overcoming adversity. She was born 3 months early a micro-preemie at 25 weeks gestation weighing approximately 1 pound. At birth the Doctors said she only had a 25 % chance of survival. The Doctors told her parents that if she did survive there was a good chance she could have physical or mental issues. Her parents never thought she would go on to be as creative and intelligent as she is today. Her parents spent 99 excruciating days in the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) with Brianna willing her ... Read More »

Alstom’s Laurent Schmitt named one of the most 40 influential people in the European Smart Grid


Laurent Schmitt has been with Alstom since 1998, where he started in the power generation area, moving on to applications for electrical protection, transmission and distribution substations, dispatching centres, and energy trading platforms. Since June 2010, as Vice-President for Smart Grid, Laurent Schmitt is widely recognised internationally for his leadership in the following areas: Technological innovation and R&D Standardisations and norms Smart Grid projects development and implementation Establishing key partnerships. Fi... Read More »

Children of domestic violence are starting to get the attention they deserve


Domestic violence has been getting a lot of attention in the media, partially thanks to the designation of October as Domestic Violence Awareness Month - but primarily because domestic violence is a social epidemic that we must put a stop to. There are many reasons people stay in abusive or violent relationships, but for children, the reason is often that they have no choice. Organizations, including Children of Domestic Violence - and A Community for Peace, are calling attention to the impacts that domestic violence has on c... Read More »

Allianz: Traffic accidents is number one worldwide cause of death among youths


One-third of all traffic deaths are youths Annual: 18 road fatalities per 100,000 inhabitants worldwide Germany ranks 5th in traffic death rates in the EU Whether a traffic-related death of a youth occurs in a low-, middle- or high-income country plays an insignificant role. According to AZT, youth traffic deaths vary only slightly between 31.5 percent in low-income countries, 32.0 percent in middle-income countries and 28.5 percent in high-income countries. A global issue not only affecting youth Every year, nearly 1.3 million peo... Read More »

SSE supports first National Women’s Sport Conference with DCMS and women in sport


The event aims to increase participation for women and girls, develop the workforce for women in sport and make women's sport visible through commercial investment and media profile. Following our successful sponsorship of the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games and our athlete ambassadors, SSE is well placed to support such an important conference. Wendy Barbour, SSE Director for Commonwealth Games and Sponsorship, said: “Women in Sport is the leading sport charity dedicated to improving and promoting opportunities for women and girls in ... Read More »

Stefan Persson and H&M rewarded for dedication to gender equality


– The leadership and dedication of Stefan Persson to gender equality and the empowerment of women make him an inspiration to all of us and a worthy recipient of our annual award, says Abid Qureshi, president of the UNA-NY. “Empowering Women, Promoting Peace and Progress” is the theme of this years’ award which will be presented in New York on October 29 at the annual ceremony celebrating the founding of the United Nations. Each year the UNA-NY considers individuals who have accomplished important strides in achieving the Millennium Developme... Read More »

Gay Dating Solutions says single gay men can make the holiday season more joyous by becoming a new member today


Having a partner or new friends can make the holidays extra special. can help gay men connect so they can do a wide range of holiday activities together from shopping for thoughtful and very personal gifts to sharing decorative ideas for inside and outside the home to recommending special food and beverage recipes that will make every holiday party or intimate dinner a big hit. "At its essence, the Gay Dating Solutions website is all about bringing single gay men together, so they can enjoy more of life and ... Read More »

Black Friday is the new Boxing Day: Canadian consumers see no difference between holiday shopping discount days, Accenture study finds


Large decline in cross-border shopping expected this holiday season There is a new U.S. trend that is winning over Canadian shoppers for having the best deals of the holiday season: Black Friday, the day after U.S. Thanksgiving, according to Accenture’s (NYSE:ACN) 2014 holiday shopping survey. The survey revealed that the traditional Canadian holiday of Boxing Day is losing its prominence among consumers for having the best deals of the season, as the popularity of Black Friday shopping has grown since last year. The survey found that Can... Read More »

AT Internet invests in recruitment to support its innovation-focused R&D strategy


Recruitment momentum: reaching the milestone of 200 employees Recruitment has strongly accelerated in recent months at AT Internet. In 2014, more than 55 work contracts were signed, with nearly 15 additional contracts still expected before the year’s end. Prospects are equally ambitious for next year. In 2014, AT Internet also structured its teams by widely adopting agile methods (Scrum methodology) to concentrate efforts on continued improvement of its solution. The company’s HR is now focusing its approach on R&D development enginee... Read More »

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