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Natalka equipment delivery update


The 10.4 by 6.1 metre SAG mill (the world’s second largest in the gold mining sector) and the 8.2 by 14 metre ball mill (the world’s largest in the gold mining sector) arrived at the port of Magadan, Russia on 14 April, where they were placed on mobile platforms for the ten-day, 406 kilometre road transfer to the Natalka site. The total weight of the cargo was 977 tonnes including 60 non-standard items and 9 over-sized items of 9 metres in diameter and weighing approximately 100 tonnes each. The caravan consisting of 18 main and 10 support v... Read More »

Gazprom International obtains its first gas in Bangladesh


On 20 May, perforation of the first interval (3185-3190 m) was conducted. During tests on 21 May 2013, a maximum influx rate of 413,000 cub. m of natural gas per day was obtained. After all tests have been carried out, it is planned to complete construction of the well and to move the rig to the next drilling point – the Begumganj field. The drilling of wells under the contract with BAPEX and BGFCL/SGFL has been under way since March of this year. So far, two wells – Shrikail 3 (depth: 3,350 m.) and Titas 20 (depth: 3,532 m.) – have seen ... Read More »

ICIJ “Offshore Leaks” Database Receives 2 Million Page Views in First 24 Hours


Reporters, researchers and citizens from Europe and around the world flocked to the site, a massive interactive database that cracks open the historically impenetrable world of offshore tax havens. The ICIJ, a project of the Center for Public Integrity [], opened the database for the first time Saturday morning. "The overwhelming response to the Offshore Leaks Database demonstrates the public's desire to pull back the curtain on the secretive work of offshore companies," said ICIJ director Gerard Ryle. "This syst... Read More »

Number of bankruptcies exceptionally high


This is the highest number since the time series started, in 1981. In April, 694 businesses and institutions were declared bankrupt. In May, the most substantial increase was recorded in the sectors trade and business services. In the construction sector, on the other hand, the number of bankruptcies hardly changed. As the number of businesses declared bankrupt in a particular month is closely related to the number of days courts are in session, it may vary considerably from month to month. Therefore, the three-month moving average is a more ... Read More »

One In Six Low-Skilled Youth Has Symptoms Of Burnout


Data comes from the National Working Conditions Survey (NEA) by TNO and Statistics Netherlands. The NEA shows that there is an increase of employees with symptoms of burnout from more than 11% in 2007 to over 13% in 2012 for the entire workforce. With a population of about 7.4 million, it is therefore nearly 1 million workers. The two decades left a very stable picture of burnout among the workforce. ... Read More »

Base decisions on need not legal status, the Care Inquiry urges


The Care Inquiry, which has outlined its findings and recommendations in Making Not Breaking – Building Relationships for our Most Vulnerable Children, found that the care system too often breaks not makes relationships for children in care. The Inquiry heard that when children move, which they still do too often, important relationships are needlessly being broken and lost. Moreover, support for children and the adults who look after them is currently based on legal status and not on need. As a result, the Inquiry concluded that a new ap... Read More »

State pensions must guarantee decent living standards for all


Safeguarding public pensions to ensure decent living standards for all in old age must remain a priority, MEPs stress in a resolution adopted on Thursday. They also call for the development of supplementary pension schemes and longer working lives to ensure the sustainability of pensions threatened by demographic ageing and strained public finances. The resolution, drawn up by Ria Oomen-Ruijten (EPP, NL) and passed by 32 votes to 4, with 6 abstentions, is the employment and social affairs committee's response to the Commission white paper on... Read More »

Average costs per capita covered by basic health care insurance 2,100 euro


The average costs per capita covered by the basic health care insurance policy were 2,100 euro in 2010. The average costs were higher for women than for men. More than half concerned costs for hospital care. If differences in the composition of the population are taken into account, the costs prove to be higher for low-income households and persons with a non-western background. The health care costs covered by the basic health insurance policy averaged 1,980 euro for men and 2,220 euro for women. The higher average costs for women are large... Read More »

ViewRanger The “App For Adventure” Launches V4.0 For Android With All-New User Interface


The award winning GPS-adventure app and trail-guide publishing platform ViewRanger has today launched a major update of its Android app, which is available free from Google Play. The new user experience within Version 4.0 of ViewRanger Outdoors GPS means that the app’s key features – advanced active navigation, access to trail guides from across the world and the ability to record and share location-based adventure content online – are now just a finger-swipe away. ViewRanger Topographic Maps Over the last 14 months, the company has gath... Read More »

TomTom opens up its fleet management technology to integrated mobile applications


TomTom Business Solutions allows third-party developers to create new applications for use in and around the vehicle. This is enabled by granting access to the Bluetooth channel on TomTom's in-vehicle LINK device. By integrating a wide range of mobile hardware devices TomTom Business Solutions expands the functionalities of its connected car technology. New applications will allow businesses to enrich data from hardware, such as tire pressure sensors and temperature control units, with comprehensive information from their vehicle fleet. TomTom... Read More »

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