Monday, January 25, 2021
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Croatia-Serbia border tensions escalate


Croatia blames Serbia for the large influx of migrants seen over the last week, with almost 50,000 refugees flooding into the EU state. The surge happened after Hungary, the northern neighbor of both countries, closed its green border with Serbia with a metal fence. Zagreb is angry that Belgrade is now bussing the migrants to Croatia and says it should send them to Hungary and Romania as well. Croatia last week closed seven of eight border crossings with Serbia to vehicles before halting cargo traffic altogether to put pressure on Belgrad... Read More »

GfK: German consumer optimism declines


Apparently, the damper in consumer sentiment in August this year was not a fluke. The three indicators – willingness to buy, income expectations and economic expectations – also suffered losses this month. Economic expectations have declined the most. In light of the global economic risks, numerous flash points, and the recent sharp increase and largely uncontrolled influx of refugees, citizens apparently have increasing doubts regarding further economic development. Economic concerns are increasing The economic expectations of Germans co... Read More »

H&M Conscious Foundation makes donation to Refugee Crisis in Europe


So far, this year, more than 300,000 refugees have fled across the Mediterranean from war, violence, conflict and persecution in countries such as Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Eritrea, Somalia and Sudan. Every day a large number of refugees arrive on the shores of south Europe in need of shelter, food, health care and water. The H&M Conscious Foundation will donate USD 500,000 to UNHCR who are offering refugees support on site. The funding from Conscious Foundation will be directed towards interventions such as emergency rescue kits, medica... Read More »

Lloyds Banking Group launches £1million construction skills fund for London


Speaking today at City Hall alongside Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, Mr Horta-Osório will respond to housebuilders’ call for more and better construction skills training – essential if the capital is to build the extra homes its residents urgently need. He will outline the Group’s plan to help with an initial investment of £1m over four years, creating a construction skills fund to which other companies will be invited to contribute in the longer term. Mr Horta-Osório will say: “This new Lloyds Banking Group fund will help provide the i... Read More »

Loughborough University retains top spot in the 2015 Lloyds Bank Student Life Survey


What makes Loughborough a great place to be a student? 93% of final year graduates find employment (or carry on studying), with an average starting salary of £23,000 85% of students are satisfied with their course As a leading sports university, Loughborough has some of the best facilities amongst British universities for budding athletes Loughborough students rate their social life as one of the best in Britain, with access to affordable shops, bars and other amenities Crime rate around the university is low meaning students are li... Read More »

Aviva: Over-50s making their biggest contribution to the UK workforce since records began


Almost a third of adults employed during Q1 and Q2 2015 were aged 50+ The number of over-65s in work has grown by 33% since the Default Retirement Age ended in 2011 – the fastest growth rate of any age group Since 2011, 1.76m more adults are now in work - almost half (45%) are aged 50-64 while 16% are aged 65+ Average monthly incomes rise by 26% from 2011 to 2015 One in five (22%) say establishing a new routine is the hardest part of retiring A review of Aviva’s Real Retirement research since 2011, along with data from the Office for... Read More »

Halifax: Digital dilemma: Kids spend money on downloads against parents’ wishes


Half of parents say they do not allow their children to spend money on digital downloads 84% of kids admit to downloading games, apps, TV shows, music and films Three out of four children aged 8-15 have a mobile phone, 86% of which are smart phones Half (50%) of parents say they do not allow their children to spend money on digital downloads, despite 84% of kids admitting to doing so, according to the latest research from Halifax. For those parents who do allow children to download games, films, TV programmes or apps, almost two thirds... Read More »

Groundbreaking Vodafone global survey reveals 43% of teens think cyberbullying a bigger problem than drug abuse


One of the largest global surveys of its kind, spanning 11 countries and almost 5,000 teens, reveals one in five teens cyberbullied, a fifth of whom felt suicidal #BeStrong anti-cyberbullying emoji initiative launched by Vodafone in response Anti-bullying ambassador Monica Lewinsky, psychologist adviser for 'Inside Out' film Dacher Keitner and anti-bullying NGOs involved in developing emojis to convey support More than half of teenagers think cyberbullying is worse than face-to-face bullying and 43 per cent believe it to be a bigger prob... Read More »

CBS: Number of dementia-related deaths increased to 12.5 thousand


Dementia is a major cause of death Dementia is a major cause of death in the Netherlands. For comparison: in the same year, 10.3 thousand Dutch people died from lung cancer while 8.9 thousand died from a heart attack. In the advanced stages of dementia, the disease affects swallowing, breathing or bladder reflexes, causing eating and drinking problems or infections which could result in death. Almost 70 percent of dementia-related deaths are women, largely due to the fact that women generally live longer than men. There are currently over 26... Read More »

Taylor, Ricci & Associates launches Facebook Page


Taylor, Ricci & Associates, the Nation's leading debt collection and Recovery Company has launched a new Facebook page to raise awareness about debt and how business owners can overcome it. Taking to social media, TRA aims to get its message out loud and clear: You don't have to have bad debt hold you back any longer. Posting related financial news, tips, encouraging and motivational videos, articles and blog posts, TRA has already gained great momentum with their social media campaigns. Visit Read More »

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